Did Corey Feldman Just Expose The Truth Behind Feud With Aaron Carter?
"The Goonies" Cast -- Then & Now

The two former childhood stars have been going head-to-head since filming "Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition."

Corey Feldman may have just let the cat out of the bag regarding his current feud with Aaron Carter.

Feldman and Carter have been co-starring on "Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition" and friction between the two former childhood stars erupted after Feldman called Carter "a little bitch" during one of the challenges, which led to a public airing of grievances by Carter on social media.

But the ongoing squabble may not be developing as naturally as one would think -- at least according to Feldman who got very candid about the situation outside of celebrity hotspot Craig's in West Hollywood Monday.

"We currently have each other blocked on Twitter, whatever that means, but apparently he's got a plan," Feldman revealed alongside a female companion.

As to why Feldman blocked Carter on Twitter, the "The Lost Boys" star said with a laugh, "Because he asked me to, that's the way of Aaron Carter, whaddya want me to say. I mean -- it's part of his -- He's got a plan of some sort. That's all I should say though."

But maybe Feldman just said too much already. Watch the video above to decide for yourself.

Feldman's comments come after Carter took to Twitter last month to trash talk the actor by posting, "Corey Feldman! You're a f--king fraud and a fake!! I'm not a push over little bitch I don't need reality tv reality tv needs me this joker literally stole money using go fund me from his 'fans' and didn't expose s--t! Corey WE GOT AN ISSUE BRUH."

Carter never explained what sparked the angry outburst.

Feldman, for his part, has maintained he sympathizes with Carter and the "bitch" comment was merely a snippet of what transpired between the two while filming.

"I've never said one bad thing about Aaron. I called him a bitch on the show to his face, but I don't talk about him behind his back. If I have something to say I'll say it," he explained on Monday.

Aaron Carter was not available for comment.

Meanwhile, during an interview with US Weekly recently, Feldman confessed, "I had many long talks with Aaron Carter, and so did my wife. He confided a great many things in us. I think there's some truth to some of the stuff that went on in his home life. This kid needs to be able to heal."

Feldman was referring in part to the Carter family drama that has been aired publicly over the last few months. Carter was hit with a restraining order by his brother Nick Carter after the Backstreet Boys singer claimed Carter threatened to kill his wife and unborn child. Around the same time, Carter said on social media he was sexually abused by his late sister. And on an episode of "The Doctors", Carter revealed he suffered from "multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety and manic depression."

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