Kim Kardashian Stuns Twitter with Topless 'Boob Tape' Demonstration
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The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star shocks social media with a series of candid videos promoting and demonstrating just how to use her new body tape.

If there's one thing Kim Kardashian has proven she is a master of it is beauty tips and tricks.

While it's no secret to anyone who has followed the reality star's beauty regimen over the years that she has had a very intimate relationship with what she calls "boob tape," she exposed the raw truth in a series of posts to her Instagram Stories -- but it's the ones she posted to Twitter that threw the social media platform into chaos.

This trick is for those times when Kim rocks an extra daring in her ensemble, with necklines plunging so low there would be absolutely nowhere to put a bra without having it fully on display. So what to do when you want support and control with maximum cleavage and skin on display?

Well, from secret technique to branded product, Kim was proudly demonstrating a new product in her own Skims line ... well, make that two products so she could survive the Instagram censors. While her video was about the body tape, the pasties also on display became essential if she wanted to hit one of her biggest social media platforms and survive its nudity censorship on women.

But perhaps the biggest shocker for Kim's legion of fans is that the model in the videos is, in fact, not the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star. How some people missed this seems shocking, as Kim is seen in the videos applying the tape and talking about her product in the background. Perhaps there was something distracting them?

Nevertheless, the videos certainly created quite a stir online, though the best responses came from the people who thought the topless model was Kim, who were disappointed the topless model wasn't Kim and who made fun of the people who couldn't figure out that the topless model wasn't Kim.

There was also a lot of commentary (from those who thought this was Kim) about how the newly conservative Kanye West would more than likely not approve of this video at all. You can see the racier -- and definitely NSFW -- videos here and here, but honestly ... as this is a product demonstration for "boob tape," wouldn't you expect breasts to be a part of it?

The reactions also speak a lot to which videos grabbed people's attention. There are, after all, two videos that clearly show Kim applying the tape to her model's body but as those videos don't start with images of the topless model, they're clearly not being watched nearly as much.

You can check out some of the best reactions below:

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