Rickey Thompson Knew He Was Famous When Kylie Jenner Posted One of His Videos (Exclusive)
Every Must-See Look From the 2019 People's Choice Awards

Thompson also told TooFab about his craziest fan encounter and what he considers his favorite meme at the moment.

Rickey Thompson says he realized he made it big when he received recognition from Kylie Jenner.

While speaking with TooFab at the People's Choice Awards, the social media star, 23, revealed he first knew he was famous when Kylie shared one of his Vines.

"She posted me and I was like, 'Oh my God, I made it!" Thompson said.

Since Thompson -- who is known for his hilarious short-form Instagram videos -- is a popular internet personality, TooFab asked him what his favorite meme is. And Thompson knew his answer immediately.

"And I oop," he said, giving a perfect impersonation of the Jasmine Masters' clip. "I literally use that for everything. It's still my favorite meme to this day."

The North Carolina native, who boasts 5 million followers on Instagram, also recalled his craziest fan encounter.

"Oh my goodness. Someone followed me into the bathroom and actually watched me pee," Thompson said. "And then I leave the bathroom. Then they leave the bathroom and ask, 'Hey, you're Rickey. Can I get a picture?'"

Despite the extremely awkward moment, Thompson happily obliged to take a photo with the fan.

TooFab also spoke to the star about Disney's new streaming service, Disney+, which already has 10 million subscribers. And Thompson had a lot to say about what he's most excited to watch.

See what shows the star said are on his must-watch list in the full interview, above.

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