Floribama Shore Cast Teases 'Hot' New Season, Talk Candace's Epic Fall and Nilsa's Arrest (Exclusive)
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"We come into the house and we are hot," Nilsa said. "Everyone's hot! She hot. He hot. I'm hot!"

"Floribama Shore" Season 3 will be coming in "hot," according to the show's stars Nilsa Prowant, Codi Butts and Candace Rice.

In an interview with TooFab, the three teased what's to come on the new season of the MTV reality series. Season 3 features the core six castmembers welcoming a fresh face -- Mattie Lynn Breaux -- and moving to a new location of St. Petersburg, Florida.

When asked what state viewers will find the housemates at the start of Season 3, Nilsa exclaimed, "Trainwreck! I'm just gonna go ahead say it. We come into the house and we are hot. Everyone's hot! She hot. He hot. I'm hot! Everybody's hot."

Codi added, "I guess [because] we hadn't seen each other for a long time and then we go out that first night and we're just getting hammered drunk."

See more from our interview with the trio, including details on Nilsa's arrest and what caused Candace's epic fall down the stairs in the clip above.

Check out Season 3's description below:

MTV's "Floribama Shore" heads to St. Petersburg, Florida for season three and welcomes new roommate Mattie Lynn Breaux from CMT's "Party Down South" to the group. As the roommates come together for their third summer, relationships come to a crossroads and even the most solid friendships are put to the test. Gus is off the market, but his past with Nilsa threatens his resolve to stay faithful to his new girlfriend. Candace faces her feelings about Codi, and Aimee and Kortni have to navigate long-distance relationships. But the rockiest relationship this season is a busted bromance and the repercussions shake the entire house.

"Floribama Shore" premieres Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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