Chrissy Teigen Crashes John Legend Hosting 'Ellen' to Scare the Crap Out of Him
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The newly-crowned People's Sexiest Man Alive had no idea his wife was hiding under the table as he showed the "original" cut of his "All of Me" video featuring Ellen DeGeneres.

John Legend took his shiny new People's Sexiest Man Alive title with him to guest host for Ellen DeGeneres, but little did he know that wife Chrissy Teigen followed him.

It was a fun twist on Ellen's classic scares as this time it was the host who got the scare of his life when his own wife erupted from the table next to him and even dropped and f-bomb in his lap (much to her own shock and hilarious horror).

Even better, Chrissy had to hear her husband joking about his new title -- "Is it me or did I get even sexier during the break?" -- and then hunker down while he showed the audience the "original" clip of his classic "All of Me" music video.

The video the public saw featured John and Chrissy in beautiful stripped down footage as they were genuinely celebrating their love. John talked about how he wrote the song about Chrissy and they even filmed the video in Italy during the same week they got married. In other words, those looks of love between them were absolutely real.

But no less real than the looks Legend was getting from his "original" co-host in the video. Ellen was absolutely hilarious rocking ridiculous hair and cleavage as she danced provocatively -- and very poorly -- outside the window and even on his piano.

It was after sharing that clip and while he was talking about Chrissy being jealous of the other woman in the video that his wife exploded from inside the table, shocking him and the studio audience ... and then herself by shouting, "What are you f--king doing?!"

"I swore," she immediately realized, asking if they wanted to do it again. But of course, it would never work a second time. "That was the hardest thing I've ever done," Chrissy added as John helped her get out of the box. "Honestly, I'm so exhausted."

When she asked him if he'd heard her banging around under the table while he was talking, Chrissy wasn't surprised when he responded that he hadn't heard anything. "If you wanted to cheat on me, you could probably get away with it," he said.

Without missing a beat, and barely paying attention, Chrissy shot back, "Oh no, I have a million times."

That's why she is, as John said earlier in his monologue, the "mayor of Twitter."

He even acknowledged that he's accepted that he's become more commonly known these days as "Chrissy Teigen's husband."

You can check out the "comedy stylings" his wife actually declared "pretty good" in the video below. And as Chrissy usually doesn't miss an opportunity to dump on her husband, that's high praise indeed.

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