Teresa Giudice Reveals Fate of Marriage to Joe Following Italy Trip
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"I'm always gonna love him no matter what," says the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star.

Teresa Giudice just got back from a family trip to Italy, where she and her four daughters were reunited with Joe Giudice for the first time in almost four years.

Stopping by "Good Morning America" immediately after her return, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star revealed divorce was not on the table -- at least not right now.

Before she left to visit her husband, who's living in Salerno while awaiting the decision of his deportation appeal, Teresa told Andy Cohen she wasn't sure about the fate of her marriage, noting she'd have to wait and see how she felt after seeing her husband in the flesh.

"I was so overjoyed seeing my daughters, seeing how happy they were seeing their dad," Teresa told "GMA" when asked how Italy was. "This trip was like all about focusing on our daughters. It really wasn't about us."

When asked if she "felt anything" for her husband, Teresa replied, "There's always gonna be a place in my heart for Joe. I'm always gonna love him no matter what."

"Together or separate?" pressed the "GMA" reporter, to which Teresa vaguely replied, "Always, yes."

When asked point-blank if she was "planning on filing for divorce," Teresa said, "Not anytime," then stopped herself and simply replied, "No."

When the reporter noted that maybe she needed to go back to Italy alone so that she and Joe can "spend some time together," Teresa wasn't too keen on the idea. "I don't know about that," she said. "We'll see. I don't know."

As far as a future with Joe is concerned, Teresa isn't sure "if that's a feasible relationship." She said finding happiness and love with him again is "to be determined" and that they're "taking it day by day."

However, that doesn't mean she's against giving her heart to somebody again. "I'm still young!" she said, adding that "if it does go that path," she wants "the same for Joe."

"You'd be okay seeing him happy with another woman?" asked the reporter.

"Of course. If that's the path we choose, yes," Teresa explained, adding, "We only really want the best for each other. We really do. And see, I'll start crying 'cause we both do. And like, I kept crying on the trip 'cause of that."

Regarding the cheating allegations that have plagued the Giudice marriage since way before Teresa served her 11 months in 2015 for her participation in Joe's financial crimes, Tre maintained what she told Andy Cohen: She believes Joe has been unfaithful but claims she has not stepped out on her marriage. Joe, on the other hand, told Andy he thinks Teresa has cheated but maintained his own innocence.

When asked by "GMA" how she had been able to move past the alleged infidelity, Teresa explained, "Well, because I never caught him. Like, I never caught him, so it was like hearsay."

Right now, though, Teresa isn't focused on her husband or her marriage; she's focused on her four daughters, who she proudly explains have reassured her she did a "good job."

"You know, as a mom, you don't know if you're doing a good job," she told "GMA," "but when you see your children and how they are and how they present themselves and how they speak, then you're like, 'Wow, I did do something right.'"

"I'm sure that's a guilt that he has to live with every day," Tre said when asked how "tough" it's been for Joe to miss so many of his girls' milestones. "I do want happiness again. I want Joe to be happy, I want my daughters -- they are happy."

In all of this, Teresa says she's learned she has "powers" she never knew she had.

"Like what?" asked "GMA."

"I'm unbreakable," she replied.

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