Barbara Corcoran Says Sarah Palin's Husband Was Right to Divorce Her Via Email (Exclusive)
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"She's not a big listener," the Shark said of the pitbull.

Sarah Palin claims she found out her husband was divorcing her via email -- and that "makes sense," according to Barbara Corcoran.

The "Shark Tank" star said while the approach was "a little cold", it was probably the only way to get through to her.

"They probably sent the email because they knew she wouldn't listen," the 70-year-old said in New York on Wednesday. "She's not a big listener."

"She's not known as a listener. She likes to talk without listening, so I think that's probably an appropriate way to tell her she's divorced," she added. "A little cold, but it makes sense."

Palin claimed this week that she learned about the divorce in an email from her husband Todd's attorney, three months before he actually filed in September -- on his birthday.

The former Alaska Governor insisted the marriage is not "over-over", and that the pair are going through counseling. But according to Corcoran, she's in denial.

"Oh forget it! When the marriage is over, it's over. He's probably already with a new girlfriend," she said.

The multi-millionaire said Palin should call into her podcast — 888-Barbara — for some advice.

"I would give her advice that you have to own up to what's behind you when it's behind you and keep moving on," she said. "This thing doesn't move on well, she's probably living in the past."

However, according to Barbara, learning of your divorce via email is not the worst way to get dumped.

"No. The worst way to break up with someone -- which happened to me -- is to have your boyfriend go sleep with another girl," she revealed. "That's insult to injury. That's the worst way to do it."

"I'd rather get an email any day of the week from an attorney than hear from a girlfriend that she's sleeping with your boyfriend -- no thanks."

Sarah and Todd married in 1988 and have five children.

Barbara also married her hubby Bill Higgins that same year; they share two children.

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