Kim Petras Reacts to Billboards Trolling Westboro Baptist Church: 'OMG I Love This' (Exclusive)
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Petras wants whoever did it to text her so she can thank them personally.

Kim Petras is breaking boundaries in the music industry as one of its first transgender artists, and someone is making sure the hateful Westboro Baptist Church knows all about her with a series of billboards near its Topeka, KS headquarters.

While sources in Petras' camp told TMZ she had nothing to do with the four billboards themselves, Kim tells TooFab that she is definitely a fan.

"OMG I love this!" she said in an exclusive statement. "Whoever did this should text me at the number on the billboards so that I can thank them!"

According to TMZ, the phone number used on the billboards is an actual number. Petras references it in her song "Got My Number" and they're apparently the digits for her friend, and fellow singer, Jesse Saint John. Something tells us Jesse's number is going to start blowing up big time, if it hasn't already.

Kim went on to say, "This is the best and I'm all about it."

A rising star in the pop music industry, the German-born singer made headlines in her native country for transitioning at an early age. After a string of singles, Kim released her debut studio album "Clarity" in June 2019 under her own imprint. This was followed quickly by a follow-up, "Turn Off the Light," which comprised the "Vol. 1" EP from 2018 and its promised follow up in a single album.

Critics have compared "Clarity" to the early pop records of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, while her music style has been compared to early Lady Gaga

Westboro Baptist Church is notorious for its vicious and ugly attacks against LGTBQ+ celebrities and their allies (among many other groups), going so far as to stage garish protests at military funerals and promote slogans like "Got Hates America" and more pointed inflammatory language against the LGBTQ+ community, Jews, Catholics, politicians, the military ... pretty much anything that might get them attention.

While they consider themselves a church, their rhetoric and behavior has them monitored by the Anti-Defamation League, just like many other hate groups. Further, many Baptist denominations have denounced the group over the years, along with other religious organizations.

Despite their rigorous protest schedule, outsized media presence and notoriety, the group meets in a residential neighborhood and reportedly has less than 80 members. That means there's currently one enormous Kim Petras billboard for every 20 members or so.

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