Brandi Glanville Calls Out Camille Grammer, Confirms She'll Return for RHOBH Next Season
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Brandi teases, "Everyone's like, 'Oh, everyone loves each other.' Not true."

Brandi Glanville is heading back to 90210, at least for "a little bit."

On her "Unfiltered" podcast on Tuesday, the former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star confirmed she'll be making an appearance on the Bravo show next season, after filming with many of her ex-costars at a recent party.

A party where, she says, Camille Grammer "hid" from her the whole night.

Just last week, Kyle Richards hosted a bash for the Children's Hospital, attended by former "Housewives" Glanville, Grammer, Eileen Davidson and Adrienne Maloof. Also there were current stars Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Denise Richards and newcomer Garcelle Beauvais.

"I will be back a little bit and that is all we know right now," she said on her podcast. "There's some stuff going down. It's not gonna be PC, I'll tell you that. Everyone's like, 'Oh, everyone loves each other.' Not true. Shit's going down right now and we'll all figure it out soon enough."

Though she didn't spill on the drama some of the other Housewives may be having, she did talk about her current beef with Camille. Glanville recently called out Grammer for a tweet she sent suggesting it was Kyle who orchestrated Brandi's appearance last season, in a move to tick off Lisa Vanderpump. They also got into it in 2018 over who had the "toughest" first season on the show. Brandi later claimed she reached out to Camille over the phone to hash things out, but never heard back.

Speaking about the party, Glanville said, "Camille was there and Camille had previously come after me on Twitter. I have to say this, Camille and I -- we're always friends -- so for her to come after me on Twitter was just weird and odd to me, but I felt like maybe it came from a British woman we won't talk about, that was telling her what to say."

"We kind of had it out on Twitter, which was fine. She was at the party and a couple producers were like -- I go, 'I honestly need to talk to Camille' -- and they were like, 'She's afraid of you,'" claimed Brandi. "She did avoid me. I didn't talk to her. I saw her when I walked in ... I literally did not see her again the entire night."

When Brandi made a similar claim on Twitter over the weekend, Camille responded saying, "I didn't tell anyone that I was afraid of you at the party? I'm perplexed." Grammer added, "She needs to look for a new victim because I'm barely on the show. If she is looking for a 💎 she needs to find another way back."

"I tweeted her about it, what the f--k. If you're gonna be a gangster on Twitter, come out and have a conversation," Brandi continued on her podcast. "She was like, I'm perplexed, I never told anyone I hid from you. Um, no, the producers told me, bitch. And you were hiding. That said, Camille, we're friends, I like you, we can sit and talk about this. We don't have to hide from each other. We just need to get to the bottom of it, hash it out."

Glanville said she'd love to have Grammer on her podcast, but since they're filming right now, she didn't think production would allow it.

Despite the drama with Camille, Glanville said she did smooth things over with another frequent RHOBH guest star, Faye Resnick. Kyle's BFF and Brandi famously went head-to-head on the show, with Faye reading Brandi to filth back in Season 3. "Faye Resnick, 10 years ago said, 'No matter how many purses you borrow, you'll never be a lady,'" Glanville recalled. "It was a mean thing to say."

"I got wasted. I made up with Faye," Brandi continued. "People hated on her. We buried the hatchet, I'm over it. I hope people give her a break because she's just not getting one. We danced, I danced with everyone, we got along."

Watch the burn back below: