Cardi B Answers Vogue's 73 Questions, Kulture and Offset Make Appearance
Cardi B Shows Major Skin at FashionNova Collab Launch Party

Offset also revealed her best and worst habits.

Cardi B didn't hold anything back while being interviewed for Vogue's "73 Questions."

Featuring a Facetime cameo by her husband Offset and a sleepy appearance from their daughter, Kulture, the rapper opened up about everything from her career to fashion to motherhood. And in typical Cardi fashion, the interview was wild, unfiltered and a little NSFW.

The interview began with Cardi answering the door at her grandmother's house in New York City. Wearing Louis Vuitton pajamas, the hip-hop star dove right into the "73 questions" and spoke about life as a mother to baby Kulture, who was asleep in her lap.

When asked the biggest lesson she wants to teach Kulture, Cardi replied, "That don't worry about what people say and to dream big and follow it."

"I wish for her to be a successful businesswoman, independent woman, confident woman," she added.

Cardi, whose debut album "Invasion of Privacy" won her a Grammy, also teased her highly-anticipated sophomore album. "It's spicy," she said. "Controversial."

At one point in the interview, Cardi Facetimed Offset, per the Vogue interviewer's request. Before the Migos member answered the call, Cardi gushed about her man. "I want to lick him up and down all day. I love that I feel secure with him," she expressed. "He takes care of home. He takes care of me."

After he appeared on-screen, Offset was asked about Cardi's best and worst habits. "The worst habit she got is being on her phone for 35,000 hours every single day," Offset said through the phone. According to Offset, Cardi's best habit is raising Kulture. (Aww.)

"I love you bigger than my ass," Cardi later added. "And my ass is big."

Switching gears, the conversation moved to the topic of politics. As many people know, the "Money" artist has been an open critic of President Donald Trump and supporter of Bernie Sanders. What some fans might not know, however, is what law Cardi would create if given the opportunity.

"There's this law, I think in South Africa, that if you say anything racial you will go to jail and get fined," she answered. "That would be my law."

At a later point, Cardi, who never fails to make us laugh, revealed her guilty pleasure. "Smelling my own farts," she joked.

On the contrary, Cardi was serious when asked about what's kept her going in her rise to success. "I know I always wanted children so in order for me to have children I know that I have to be stable," she said.

"In order for me to spoil my child for the rest of my life," she added. "I have to have money and make money for the rest of my life."

So what would Cardi like to be remembered for 100 years from now?

"I would like to be remembered as the girl-next-door who made it," she answered.

See more in the full interview, above. Okurr!

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