South Dakota, Twitter Is On It -- Anti-Meth Campaign Gets Roasted
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"If I lived in South Dakota, I think I'd be on it too. #MethWeAreOnIt," a person tweeted.

South Dakota's new anti-drug campaign slogan -- "Meth. We're On it." -- has created quite the stir on Twitter.

On Monday, Governor Kristi Noem launched the campaign as a way to bring awareness to the state's meth crisis -- but it was the confusing tagline that had social media users talking

The campaign's motto will be used alongside a new TV ad, posters, billboards and a website as part of a campaign which cost just short of $449,000 so far, according to Argus Leader.

The tagline is featured over an outline of South Dakota, while the ads and posters, which include people of different ages and races, also include a tweaked version of the slogan, saying, "Meth. I'm on it."

And Twitter just couldn't help but mock the campaign's motto.

"If you think #MethWeAreOnIt is bad, just imagine the lines that were rejected," one person wrote.

"Shit if I lived in South Dakota, I think I'd be on it to. #MethWeAreOnIt," another added.

"Does #MethWeAreOnIt remind anyone else of the 'too cool to do drugs' pencil?" a user pointed out.

Some people even poked fun at the tagline by creating some new slogans for other drugs and diseases. One Twitter user wrote, "Hemp. We Want It," over an outline of the state, while others did the same for LSD and STDs.

See how Twitter reacted to the campaign in the tweets below.

Although the slogan was mocked on Twitter, Governor Kristi Noem explained that the reaction proves that the campaign is "working."

"Hey Twitter, the whole point of this ad campaign is to raise awareness," she tweeted. "So I think that's working..."

"Meth. It's a problem and it needs to be addressed. Combating it needs to be a dinner table conversation," she later added in another tweet. "We need everyone on it. "We're starting the conversation - It. Is. Working. #MethWeAreOnIt"

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