Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Character Posters Give Everyone the Spotlight

The star of the sequel trilogy shows off impressive flow and rhythm while Jimmy Fallon rips through cue cards like we're in an INXS video or something!

As the epic "Star Wars" saga prepares to come to a close, Daisy Ridley knows that keeping track of eight movies worth of material spanning two generations might be a lot, but she's got just the solution.

There are a lot of "Star Wars" summaries online, but none of them bring as much joy as Rey rapping her way through the entire Skywalker saga from 1977's "A New Hope" through the latest chapter, "The Last Jedi." And at more than a 16-hour run time, there's no way everyone is going to want to sit down and marathon them all before catching "The Rise of Skywalker" next month.

On top of that, girl has got some serious skills on the mic, so it's a lot of fun to just watch her go at it. Not only does she bring solid flow, but she had plenty of lyricism, attitude and so much personality on the mic, we kind of want to see her tear into James Corden on Drop the Mic episode. Oh, he would be so owned.

Jimmy Fallon provided an able assist behind her, flipping through a stack of visual aid cue cards like we're back in the 1980s watching that classic INXS "Mediate" video again (look it up, kids!).

She had nods for all of the major characters in each series, with burns for the Emperor (who is set to return in the new film) and we absolutely loved how she worked her way through the prequels and even "forgot" to mention a certain character that most "Star Wars" fans wish could be forgotten altogether.

Poor Jar-Jar Binks, your comic relief was just too over the top. Plus, comic relief has always been C-3PO's thing!

Seriously, though, Daisy spent less time rapping about the entire prequel trilogy than Rian Johnson did caring about her backstory or Commander Snoke in "The Last Jedi."

Honestly, this is the best thing "Star Wars" fans will probably see until the film comes out, and we can only hope she drops back by to throw down a concluding verse when it's all said and done. We'd love to have the entire Skywalker saga as rapped by Daisy Ridley as part of our complete "Star Wars" collection.

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