The View, The Real & Wendy Williams Slam T.I. After Red Table Talk -- But Who Has His Back?
Michael Becker/Fox/ABC
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"The more he talks the more of an ass he looks like."

T.I. tried to do some damage control by appearing on Monday's new episode of "Red Table Talk," where he attempted to set the record straight about his controversial comments about his daughter. It didn't really help.

Wendy Williams and the women of both "The View" and "The Real" reacted to his latest remarks, in which he claimed he was exaggerating when he talked about accompanying his teenage daughter Deyjah to the gynecologist's office to ensure she's still a virgin.

He added that he felt his comments were "terribly misconstrued and misconceived."

Kicking off "The View" on Tuesday, Whoopi Goldberg cut straight to the point: "We gotta start by saying what the hell is going on with T.I.?" Joy Behar then cracked, "TI, TMI, okay?"

After some confusion about whether they were allowed to say "hymen" on TV or not, Sunny Hostin took aim at the rapper. "I think women for too long have been forced to feel bad about their sexuality. I think for me, as someone who grew up in the church in the Catholic faith, I was made to feel bad about my sexuality," she explained. "When T.I. was talking about his daughter and her sexuality, there was this double standard I kept on hearing over and over again. He wasn't as concerned about his son as his daughter. I thought your household changes if your son gets someone pregnant as well."

Meghan McCain then said it must have been mortifying for Deyjah, as T.I didn't initially have permission to talk about her sexuality in a public forum. She then drew a comparison to her own life, revealing how embarrassed she was after her late father John McCain talked on television about her teenage crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.

"This is different," she conceded, "but I died." McCain added, "So now Deyjah is going to have to deal with every man she goes out with knowing that her dad was so obsessed with her sexuality that he got her checked by a gynecologist."

Abby Huntsman, however, commended T.I. for going on Jada Pinkett Smith's show. "I give him a lot of credit in this PC environment we're in to go out there and talk about a conversation that's quite uncomfortable not just for him, but for everybody to listen to," she explained.

She said she believed he was really listening when Jada provided advice for raising daughters and agreed with him saying there's a difference between his son getting a girl pregnant and his daughter getting pregnant. "I just went through a pregnancy," she explained, "and it was one my mind every second of every day." For boys, however, "it's not with you," she claimed, "I don't think he was wrong in that sense."

Whoopi ended the conversation by adding her two cents, saying, "if you've raised your daughter to be the woman you want her to be, you might exhibit a little more trust in her."

Meanwhile, over on Wendy, she kicked off her show with a clip of T.I saying he never accompanied her into the doctor's office, it's not something that's happening now and Deyjah's mother was there as well.

"I never thought he was in the examination room while her daughter was akimbo in the stirrups," said Wendy. "It's still a violation and he's still talking too much."

"The more he talks the more of an ass he looks like," she continued, after showing the clip of him explaining why he'd react differently to his son getting a girl pregnant. "What are you talking about?! If your son gets a girl pregnant, your household still changes. What are you trying to say?"

She ended the segment by telling him to simply "Shut up!"

"The Real" chimed in on it too, with Jeannie Mai saying she "would have loved to have [Deyjah] at the table if he was going to speak on it, it would be nice to have her there."

"T.I. has no right to inflict any control over his daughter's body, period," she continued. "I understand his intention as a father, I don't support his actions. What I see there is a father who's trying to find the right way in this crazy world, of what do I do to control and that's the problem. You can't control your daughter, you can only educate and protect."

Tamera Mowry-Housley added that "the best way you can bring up your daughter is be the best example you possibly can be," before guest cohost Tisha Campbell-Martin stressed the importance of sex education.

"It's scary because of the platform that he has," added Loni Love. "You don't want fathers thinking that's okay."