Paul Rudd Pulled a McLovin in High School, Hilariously Botched Fake ID
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"I was so dumb I put my height at 5'12"," Rudd said of the fake IDs.

Paul Rudd once pulled a McLovin.

While appearing on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Tuesday night, the "Ant-Man" star shared a hilarious anecdote from when he made a fake ID in high school so he could spring break in Florida (we know a bit precocious). According to Rudd, he was "so dumb" at the time, he even listed the height on the license as 5'12.

"I just had this memory, when I was in high school I made a fake ID, and I was so dumb I put my height at 5'12"," Rudd began the story before correcting himself. "I didn't do it for myself I did it for my friend...I didn't know how tall he was."

"By the way, [I used] a typewriter," he continued. "I even messed up and put wite-out on something, then typed another thing, so that you could hold it up and you can see the wite-out."

But the story didn't stop there. The fake IDs actually worked -- kinda.

"I took a copy of the state seal of Florida -- a black-and-white, like Xeroxed copy -- put it on the back, just the state seal," Rudd recalled. "I remember, we were all nervous, we went to some bar, gave it to the bouncer and the guy's like 'come on,' and then the owner of the place comes over, he looks at it, he flips it over, he says, 'What, there's a state seal, it's real!'"

Also during his late-night appearance, Rudd told yet another hilarious story about a time where he accidentally flashed his testicles to an entire audience while acting with Rachel Weisz.

After Colbert pointed out how Rudd didn't have many shirtless scenes in the "Ant-Man" films, he then asked the actor if he's ever done complete nudity for a role.

"One time, I was in a play," Rudd replied. "It was unintentional."

"I was laying down on a bed, and I was doing a scene with the lovely actress Rachel Weisz," he continued. "We were laying in bed and I was wearing boxer shorts, and all of a sudden, the audience started chuckling and I didn't know why. And I realized it was 'cause I had my leg up and I was totally hanging brain."

"Hanging brain -- for those of you who are thinking about writing a book to go on display at the airport," Rudd concluded. "Hanging brain is not so much the penis hanging out, but more of the testicles."

We, for one, think Rudd should write a book of his own. Check out more in the clip, below.

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