Queer Eye's Carson Kressley Defends Justin Timberlake Amid Hand-Hold Controversy (Exclusive)
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Queer eye for the straight guy, hand holding gets a non-scolding.

Carson Kressley has a queer eye for the straight guy.... and a straight eye for any queer goings on.

The OG star has weighed into the Justin Timberlake hand-holding controversy -- insisting there is no controversy to begin with.

The 50-year-old was spotted out with pal Kim Johnson last week in LA, and joked with photographers that despite them cosying up, there was no new couple alert.

"We're not together she's married, I swear!" he smiled. "No no no, no Justin Timberlake action here!"

Last week Timberlake and his "Palmer" co-star Alisha Wainwright were spotted hanging out, with other friends, on a bar balcony in New Orleans.

Justin, who appeared a little tipsy at the time, raised some eyebrows when he appeared to hold hands with actress under the table, and at one stage her hand found itself on his knee.

But despite his poking fun at JT's expense, Kressley claims the interaction between the co-stars was "totally innocent".

"He was holding hands. I know the body language," he said. "I think it was totally innocent."

Kim, who indeed has been married to Robert Herjavec since 2016, chimed in she would be surprised at any indiscretion on Justin's part, seeing as he and wife Jessica Biel are so close.

As Kressley pointed out, holding hands with someone is hardly a definitive indicator of something salacious.

"I'm holding a beautiful woman's hand right now but we are not together," he said of his DWTS bestie. "Even though it's been rumored, I swear!"

Although the gay host did also point out: "She's not a man!"

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