Kim Fields Says Facts of Life Costars Are 'All Still Sisters' as They Reunite for Her Holiday Movie (Exclusive)
Inside Lifetime's 'It'a Wonderful Lifetime' Party

"You ain't gonna be in my movie and not be able to act!"

With Kim Fields helping run the show on her latest Lifetime movie, she knew she wanted to make it a little special for her "Facts of Life" fans out there and called in a few favors.

The actress was also an executive producer on "You Light Up My Christmas," a movie about a woman who returns to her hometown only to find the holiday lights have literally gone dim. Helping her bring back that spark: Fields' "Facts of Life" costars Lisa Whelchel and Mindy Cohn.

Speaking about the benefits to producing the movie, Fields told TooFab it helps to be able to "call upon some famous friends and be like, 'Hey, what you doing?'"

"I put the invitation out after speaking with Lifetime to have my 'Facts of Life' sisters join me for some special appearances from them," she teased of their cameos. "They really turned out great, we're so excited. They're always supportive."

"We all are still sisters, but at the same time, we're also still fans of each other's work," she added. "You ain't gonna be in my movie and not be able to act! You're not taking this ship down, baby!"

She also promised some "little inside jokes" during their shared moment, which happens in an ice skating rink named Charlotte's, named in honor of the late, great Charlotte Rae.

This is Fields' second holiday film with Lifetime and there's one thing that keeps her coming back. "The check!" No, I'm just joking," she cracked. "Y'all should have seen the publicist. She almost fell out over there!"

"First of all, as a storyteller, that's one of the best times to tell a story," she then answered, for real this time. "And Lifetime, for real talk, just the diversity is wonderful. I love the amount of diversity we had as a part of our cast, behind the scenes as well."

Fields said she loves this season in general, when people are "a little bit nicer" and "not quite so quick to be angry on social media" as well.

"You Light Up My Christmas" premieres December 1 on Lifetime.