RHOA Recap: Kenya's Baby Gift to Porsha Prompts Furious Eva to Storm Out of Bailey-Que
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"You don't want a problem with me!" Kenya hurls across the table, as Eva replies, "Vice versa."

This year's Bailey-Que was certainly not lacking in the drama department, as the theme was "Wear Red or Get Read."

Sunday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" documented the party, but it began with Kenya Moore revealing to Porsha Williams that she and Marc Daly let baby Brooklyn sleep in their bed with them. She admitted they hadn't had sex in ages. Porsha was shocked and told Kenya she and Marc "had to connect sexually." Kenya teared up as she said she didn't like where they were as a couple.

Later, NeNe Leakes invited Marlo Hampton and Yovana to her house. After having stormed out on Marlo last episode for urging her to make up with Cynthia Bailey, NeNe told Marlo there was a side to Cynthia no one knew about.

That's when Yovana revealed she had met up with Cynthia two months prior, where Cynthia allegedly proceeded to talk all kinds of smack about NeNe. "Her exact words were, 'Being friends with you is toxic, a burden,'" Yovana said. NeNe was beside herself.

Later, Cynthia threw her annual Bailey-Que. Porsha couldn't find a sitter, so she asked if she could bring PJ. Cynthia then extended the invite to everyone's babies after initially telling Kenya she couldn't bring Brooklyn. Needless to say, Kenya showed up to the party still salty about that.

Before the event began, Kenya revealed to Kandi Burruss she was going to give the doll Eva Marcille had given her for baby Brooklyn to Porsha for baby Pilar. Kenya felt it wasn't given to her with good energy. (BunnyGate, anyone?) Kenya was still upset over the fact that Eva didn't bring her kids to Brooklyn's party because Eva didn't feel she knew Kenya all that well.

Eva was the first to arrive. The rest trickled in. Yovana showed up and let Cynthia know that NeNe was upset over what the former had said about the latter in recent interviews with the press. Yovana maintained Cynthia was "talking shit" to her about NeNe, but Cynthia defended herself, saying she was simply telling Yovana how she felt about NeNe.

In walked Porsha, and out came Kenya's gift for her. The note read, "I hope the energy of this gift makes your daughter smile." As Porsha pulled out the doll, Kenya explained, "She had another home at first..." Taken aback by the comment, Porsha asked who she was living with before. That's when Kenya began to say the doll had been given to her by someone else. "I felt like her energy was better in your home," Moore explained.

That's when Porsha realized which doll she had received. "Kenya, this is shady. This doll is for your daughter, and whatever [Eva] felt for you, I doubt it had anything to do with your daughter," Porsha said, handing back the doll. "You have to fix this because we're not gonna start like this! You're not gonna re-gift something from her. We 'bout to fix this right now." So Porsha walked out to where Eva was sitting and told her Kenya had re-gifted her doll.

The whole group soon followed, and a screaming match ensued shortly after. Kenya put Eva on the spot and asked what about her "energy" was so off that she couldn't bring her kids to her daughter's party. Eva maintained she didn't use the word energy. When Bravo played back the moment in question, it was actually Cynthia who used the word.

"I didn't do anything to you, and I feel like you're making a problem with me, and there isn't a problem. You don't want a problem with me!" Kenya hurled across the table. Eva replied, "Vice versa."

"If you got your feelings hurt..." Eva began to say. "I didn't get my feelings hurt because I would have to care about you to get my feelings hurt," Kenya interrupted. Apparently, her issue with Eva dates back to last year's Bailey-Que, where Cynthia told Kenya that Eva allegedly started a rumor that Cynthia was paying Will to date her. "The streets did say that," Marlo said to Cynthia at the time.

"That's between you and Cynthia," Kenya said. As Cynthia tried to explain she and Eva were past that situation, Kenya cut her off. "Why are you interrupting me? I'm talking!" Kenya shouted at Cynthia, who was sitting right next to her. Kenya briefly went off on Cynthia, who managed to stand her ground.

Eventually, the spotlight was shined on Eva and Marlo, who still blatantly hate each other. Marlo kept calling Eva fake and broke and a liar, and Eva kept insisting Marlo was mean and miserable and not a mother. The name-calling only got nastier. "Stop living above your means, darling!" Marlo said about three times before Eva got up and left the party.

Later, Cynthia decided (with the group's help) to hand out some medals (best twerker, shadiest, etc.). When "thirstiest" came up, Yovana said she was speaking on behalf of NeNe by nominating Tanya Sam. Tanya was beyond insulted, so Porsha stepped in and gave the award to Yovana.

The ladies then decided that, instead of naming someone the most insecure, they'd go around the room and reveal an insecurity. Kenya said, "Never finding the love that I feel is unconditional." The women were all a little taken aback, as not everyone was aware of her marital problems.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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