Caitlyn Jenner Tells TV Host Plastic Surgery Can 'Fix' Her Face
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"You are the exception, I'm sorry, but don't worry we can fix it!" Caitlyn told her campmate.

Caitlyn Jenner is blunt, to say the least.

During Sunday night's episode of "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" the reality star told her campmate, TV host Kate Garraway, she could get some procedures done to look more feminine.

The conversation began after Garraway, who hosts "Good Morning Britain," asked Caitlyn about plastic surgery.

"So when you did your face is that because of being Caitlyn?" Garraway asked, per Mail Online, and Caitlyn replied, "There are distinct characteristics between the female bone structure and the male."

The former Olympian, 70, then measured the distance on Garraway's face and said, "For instance the distance between the top of your lip and your nose. It's less on women although you have quite a bit."

The two women, who were showering in the jungle, were also joined by Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle. To make a comparison, Caitlyn also measured the distance between Coyle's nose and lip.

She then told Garraway, "You are the exception, I'm sorry, but don't worry we can fix it!"

Although Garraway was visibly shocked by the whole encounter, she didn't seem to take the advice as criticism, but rather as all in good fun. The journalist told the Bush Telegraph, "Caitlyn says that she has got just the person to fix my face out in LA so when I go to visit I could come back a whole new Kate with a much shorter bit up here."

Meanwhile, also during their shower in the jungle, Garraway asked Caitlyn if feeling good at 70 years old was a result of her athletic background. (Caitlyn famously won the gold in the decathlon at the 1977 Olympics.)

Caitlyn didn't shy away from admitting why she looks and feels so good. "Put it this way, are you ready? What I got left over is more than most ever had," she said. "Now with a little bit of help from Beverly Hills..."

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