Jennifer Garner Accidentally Orders a Christmas Tree Way, Way, Way Bigger Than She Intended
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A surprised Garner reveals the holiday monstrosity in a hilarious video shared to her Instagram: "It’s a little aggressive!"

Jennifer Garner wanted to take advantage of the larger foyer in the home she's currently renting with her kids, but things quickly got out of hand when it came to the family Christmas tree.

The "Peppermint" actress broke it all down in a hilarious video wherein she revealed that she's not sure she got the right tree delivered to her house. "Go big or go home," she captioned her video, which showed just how big she was talking about.

It was just a few days ago that Jennifer and ex Ben Affleck were spotted together shopping for the tree with their three children, but clearly something went terribly wrong after that.

"So I told my kids we could go bigger because we’re in a rental house and it has a really big foyer," Jennifer said in her video, which shows her standing in front of what looks to be a very full and very green tree. But she wasn't done yet.

"But then it was delivered and I’m not sure this was the tree we picked out," she continued as the camera zoomed out to show an evergreen absolutely towering over Jennifer, and at 5'8" she's not exactly petite.

"It's a little aggressive," she laughed as she looked up at its towering height. It looks like the family philosophy this holiday season was to go big and go home!

As obnoxious as the tree might look, it's also rather stunning and we imagine she and her kids will have an absolute blast decorating it. They may have to go back out to the store to get more decorations to cover it fully (and maybe an extendable ladder to reach the top), but it should be something truly magical when they're finished.

And perhaps more importantly, this will be a memory those kids will cherish for years to come. The danger for Jennifer, though, is if they decide that big trees is where it's at and the kids simply refuse to accept anything smaller than a tree at least twice mom's height in the future.

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