Teen Mom Stars and Their Kids

"Get the f--k out of my face! They're not f--king happy unless we're miserable."

While it's usually one of the Teen Moms themselves who cause drama on the show, during Tuesday's reunion special it was a Teen Mom mom who stormed off set.

During Part 2 of MTV's reunion special, star Jade Cline was joined on stage with her mother Christy and grandmother Lori, as they all opened up about the ups and downs of the season. For Christy, those lows included an arrest for possession of meth with husband Michael Smith and her ongoing substance abuse problem.

When asked what it was like to see it play out on television, Christy said, "We live it, we don't watch it for an hour and then it's done." She said that the person she was during the season is "not the person I am now." Christy's mother, Lori, also said her daughter has been "doing wonderful" since the arrest.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, however, wondered what she was actively doing to work on herself, as her family members expressed concern. Last week, Christy said she had no plans to attend any sort of support meeting, which she considers a "trigger."

"Just because you want to give me medication or say this is right for me, it doesn't necessarily mean that," she shot back. "I use my family."

When Dr. Drew said he just wants her to do something, anything, she said, "I don't want to be diagnosed on this stage." Though he tried to tell her he wasn't trying to diagnose her and didn't mean his comments as "an indictment" of her in any way, she wasn't having it.

"It's pissing me the f--k off," she said, "I just feel like you're attacking me." When Lori said she didn't see Drew's comments as an attack, Christy told her, "Because you're not the one he's talking to about your shit!"

As both Jade and Dr. Drew continued to suggest self-help outlets like yoga or spiritual programs, Christy got even more frustrated. "The hardest thing is just having to air it on TV," she exclaimed, "All my bad shit's on TV. Nobody airs nothing good. I'm a good grandma, I'm a good mom, I'm a good person. Just back off a little! You're pissing me the f--k off!"

With that, she walked out and continued to vent backstage.

"Get the f--k out of my face! They're not f--king happy unless we're miserable," she said to production. "I feel attacked by Jade, I feel attacked by Dr. Drew. I'm her mother and I will knock her ass out. Get these f--king cameras away from me!"

Eventually, she came back out on stage, where Jade's baby daddy Sean built Christy up with a few compliments.

"Let me be clear, I apologized that I triggered you," Pinsky then told her. "It's okay, it's your job," she replied, "I would have asked the same questions. I respect you for what you're doing."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays on MTV.