Josh Gad Recruits Tom Holland And a Parade of Famous People to Grill Daisy Ridley for Star Wars Spoilers
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The fleet of celebrities tried every Jedi mind trick in the book.

"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" will close out the epic, nine-movie saga that began in 1977 and, apparently, some fans just can't wait the 9 days left until the movie's release for answers.

Josh Gad enlisted the help of his famous friends to hilariously grill Daisy Ridley -- who stars in the latest trilogy as Rey -- about such topics as Rey's parentage, who will go to the Dark Side and what's the deal with Emperor Palpatine.

Among the Hollywood heavy hitters he recruited: Tom Holland, Anna Kendrick, Sterling K. Brown, some Marvel faves and even a few people from the Star Wars universe.

"Will BB-8 ever find love?" asks Kumail Nanjiani as the A-listers take turns popping through a door to try and catch Daisy off guard.

Salma Hayek appears and seems quite emotionally invested as she implores in Spanish, "What I want to know is why does Rey seek out the Death Star?! Why? Why?"

"Fresh Off The Boat" star Randall Park jumps in with, "Does Lando do something cool? He does something cool, huh?"

Tina Fey even pitches an idea about creating a droid "whose sole purpose is to make grilled cheese sandwiches", one which she would love to voice.

"That's actually a really good idea," replies Daisy, with Josh adding, "Who do we talk to about that?"

The brutal onslaught of inquiries continues, but Daisy never cracks, as writer/director J.J. Abrams shows up for encouragement, saying "Stay strong, Daisy!"

John Boyega -- temporarily forgetting he co-stars with Daisy in the films -- tries to pry information out of her before she reminds him that he is already privy to the answers.

Watch the full, funny video above and get ready to (hopefully) have all your questions answered when "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" hits theaters December 20th.

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