Wait, Is This Kris Jenner Interviewing 11-Year-Old Beyonce Back In 1992?
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"It literally sounds and looks JUST like her!" one fan tweets after seeing the footage.

UPDATED ON 12/16/19 AT 1:03 PM:

A rep for Jenner confirmed to TooFab that, sadly, "This is not Kris."


The internet is spooked this morning after Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles, uploaded a video from 1992 showing a then-11-year-Beyonce being interviewed by someone who's either Kris Jenner or her doppelgänger.

Though we've reached out to the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" matriarch for clarification, fans online sure seem to think it's her after watching this clip.

In the footage, Maybe Kris and Beyonce discuss how the young singer overcomes stage fright. At the time, Beyonce was the front woman for Girl's Tyme, which eventually evolved into Destiny's Child.

"This is Beyonce. Now, tell me about getting over the stage fright," says the woman. "I mean, how did this go from having fun and singing for a few people to where -- I mean, you're gonna go out there, and you're gonna try to make it big!"

"Well," replies a shy Bey, as she smiles. "I guess if we keep on practicing and practicing and we keep on performing, every time we get better and the stage fright just fades away."

"It literally sounds and looks JUST like her!" one fan tweeted in response to the clip, as another tagged Kris and asked, "@KrisJenner is that you in this oversized blazer?"

A third was also convinced it's Jenner, writing, "This is Kris Jenner interviewing Beyonce as a child. The universe is playing in our faces like who knew either of those people would be where they are now. Crazy," while a fourth wondered, "Is this a glitch in the matrix?"

Some fans, though, aren't totally sold, as the woman in the video appears to have a bit of a Southern accent as she interviews the Houston, Texas native.

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