The Situation Fires Back at Troll Criticizing His Recovery: 'Stay in Your Lane'
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"You can't be bitter and expect life to be sweet," the "Jersey Shore" star wrote.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino clapped back at an online troll who criticized how he shares his story of recovery on Friday.

The "Jersey Shore" star posted a sweet snap with his wife on Instagram with the caption, "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations," when a follower commented on the post writing, "Most people do not come out of treatment the way you have!!! I'm happy you have an amazing life. People don't live like you!! If you want to talk about treatment, maybe you should live humble."

Well, that didn't sit right with the 37-year-old -- who has been open about his pain killer addiction and current sobriety -- as he fired back, saying, "Don't make a comment about someone's recovery when you don't know where there [sic] story or what hole they had to dig out of to get where they are now."

"That is true that I have beat the odds and I am living my best life," he continued.

"I am showing anyone watching that you can beat the odds and be successful. Stay in your lane and run your own race. You can't be bitter and expect life to be sweet. There is enough out there for all of us. Stay positive."

Sorrentino found himself battling an addiction to opiods after the popular MTV show wrapped in 2012. After a few stints in rehab, he recently celebrated four years sober and continues on his path of recovery, helping others struggling with substance abuse as an advocate for Discovery Institute, a nonprofit treatment center.

"Being sober really taught me how to be at peace. It taught me to be more accepting," he told E! News in 2018. "I live my life today at peace. I try not to have any arguments. I mean, everything in my life has changed. I don't speed. I don't get into fights. I don't get into arguments. I really feel awesome today."

Sorrentino married his college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce, in November of last year and was released from prison in September after completing an eight-month sentence for tax evasion.

And he is welcoming a new legion of fans with the latest season of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation."

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