Why Fans Are Already Convinced Paris Hilton Is on Season 3 of The Masked Singer
Every Star Who Was Revealed on 'The Masked Singer' Season 2

A trailer for the new season offers some big clues.

Paris Hilton on "The Masked Singer"? That'd be hot.

During last night's Season 2 finale, the Fox reality competition series debuted the first look at Season 3 -- giving viewers a few hints about its new contestants and a glimpse at their costumes.

The promo begins with Nick Cannon walking up to a Beverly Hills mansion with a Mouse costume, where's he's met by a woman in sweats and Uggs who's accompanied by a tutu-wearing chihuahua. While the clues seem a little too on the nose for the show to release so early in the game, they had many fans on YouTube speculating Paris Hilton will be popping up in that getup.

From there, Cannon delivers another costume to a cowboy-type with a longhorn belt buckle, a football player and a woman with another fancy mansion. Seeing the final mystery person causes Nick to exclaim, "Season 3 is about to be lit."

The promo also promises "the biggest celebrities yet" when the show debuts after the Super Bowl in February on Fox.

See who was hiding under the Season 2 masks below!

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