Margot Robbie Thought She Had Died and Gone to Purgatory After Getting Blackout Drunk at an Award Show
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The Australian version of the Emmy Awards sounds like one helluva time.

In America, the Golden Globe Awards are known as the award show where everyone gets a little liquored up for an unpredictable evening. In Australia, that honor belongs to the Logies.

Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel about attending the event -- which honors the best in television -- when she was just a teenager, Margot Robbie recalled one particular year she went a little overboard with the on-hand libations.

"The Logies are the funnest award shows ever," she explained. "I haven't been for a decade now. It's like the wild west ... everyone gets absolutely hammered."

"People are drunk the next day going to work," Robbie continued. "You have to work the next morning after the Logies, we work year round, so people show up in their gowns, people show up still drunk."

Now 29, Robbie said the second time she went to the show she was just 19. "I got so drunk I passed out," she explained to Kimmel. "It's held in a casino ... and I passed out in one of the toilet stalls and I woke up and I came out and it happened to be the one hour that the casino closes to clean."

Explaining that there was literally nobody around and she had no idea the place ever closed down, she wandered out of the stall. "It was such a weird, surreal experience and there was no one around," she said. "For a second, in my drunken stage, I was like did I die? Is this purgatory? Am I in between heaven and hell right now?"

She later realized she hadn't crossed to the other side when she came upon a cleaning lady, who assured her she was very much alive. From there, she went straight to work in her dress and got some oxygen from the nurse on set.

"Her busiest day is the day after [the Logie Awards]," added Robbie.

Margot will be at the Globes in January, where she's up for Best Supporting Actress for her work in "Bombshell."

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