Rihanna Tortures Fans with Album Teaser for 'R9'
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Even Jada Pinkett Smith called the singer a "savage" for this move.

Rihanna lives to troll her fans.

On Sunday, the pop star and Fenty founder shared a video snippet on Instagram, confirming there was indeed a ninth studio album.

"Update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it," she captioned the clip, which shows a small white dog bobbing its head to House of Pain's 1989 hit, "Jump Around."

Though thoroughly entertaining and adorable, the video didn't actually showcase any new music -- unless "R9" will feature cute white dogs, House of Pain and/or '80s jams.

Still, fans are furious, and understandably so.

In December of last year, someone on Instagram asked RiRi when her next album would be arriving. "2019," the singer promised, which means she has nine more days to stay true to her word.

Instead of releasing the follow-up record to 2016's incredibly successful "Anti" -- a project she claimed would be influenced by her Caribbean roots -- Rihanna signed a worldwide deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and focused on growing her Fenty line.

You have nine days, Rihanna -- or else!

JK. You say jump, and we will always ask how high.

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