The 10 Funniest 'Mean Tweets' Celebrities Read in 2019
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"I bet Zendaya's feet smell like Funyons," read the "Euphoria" star, who then shut down her troll in the most genius way possible.

"Mean Tweets" is undoubtedly one of Jimmy Kimmel Live's best segments -- and this year's batch definitely did not disappoint.

Throughout 2019, the late-night show had three rounds of "Mean Tweets" -- a celebrity edition, a music edition and an NBA edition -- highlighting the best burns from haters across the Twitterverse. This year trolls took it to the next level and the results were absolutely hilarious.

What also made this year even better? Many stars brought some clever clapbacks in response to their critics. Lizzo and Zendaya, in particular, had some quite memorable reactions to the mean tweets written about them.

From Kim Kardashian to Mark Hamill, see our roundup of the 10 funniest "Mean Tweets" of 2019.

1. Kim Kardashian

The Twitter user who wrote Kim's burn definitely got creative.

"I'd rather plant poison ivy in my anus before hearing another word about Kim Kardashian," the "KUWTK" star read on the late-night show.

"Go ahead and do that," she replied while laughing. "Please."

2. Zendaya

Zendaya didn't let the troll who wrote her tweet get her down and hit back with one of the greatest clapbacks.

"I bet Zendaya's feet smell like Funyons," read the "Euphoria" star, who shut down her troll in the most genius way possible. Lifting her Louboutin-covered foot to her nose, she took a whiff and exclaimed, "Nope, smells like success to me!"

3. Green Day

One of the funniest moments from the past year came when a Twitter user compared a Green Day member to a certain politician.

"Why does Tre Cool from Green Day look like the emo version of Ted Cruz?" Tre Cool read as his bandmates laughed.

Billie Joe Armstrong then added, "Well, Mike looks like Putin."

4. Maisie Williams

"Maisie Williams looks like a very young grandma," the "Game of Thrones" star read and then looked into the camera and giggled.

5. Lizzo

Lizzo had one of the best clapbacks in response to her mean tweet.

"Lizzo. Bus passes and happy meals. Two things that I imagine #Lizzo has seen a lot of," the singer read. Lizzo then stared right into the camera and said, "Yeah, I'm a big bitch and I ride a bus, a tour bus, motherf--ker. Where's yours?"

6. Jake Gyllenhaal

"jake gyllenhaal's d--k smells like hot dog water," the actor read from the phone. Gyllenhaal then looked up into the camera and said, "That's like a haiku. Beautiful, beautiful thing to say."

7. Ben Simmons

One of our favorites came from the NBA edition and was read by the Philadephia 76ers point guard.

"Ben Simmons looks like he's holding in a fart every time he passes the ball," Simmons said.

"Maybe I am," he joked.

8. Mark Hamill

The burn Hamill received naturally involved "Star Wars" and the actor took it like a champ.

"The older Mark Hamill gets the more he looks like Yoda. Seriously seen that guy lately? He's Yoda," Hamill read and then performed a spot-on Yoda impression.

"Mean burn this is," he replied, adding sarcastically. "Thanks a lot."

9. Billie Eilish

"Billie Eilish dresses like she got her clothes stolen at the gym so they gave her what they had in the lost n found bin," the singer read.

Luckily, Billie didn't seem to mind that a hater criticized her fashion sense.

10. Cardi B

It's slightly surprising that Cardi B's mean tweet didn't involve something inappropriate, but the rapper still reacted to the diss as we would expect her too.

"I just watched a muted performance of Cardi B and that bitch just looks loud without any sound on like no thank you," Cardi read and then immediately replied, "How I look lao? How I look lao? I'm lao? I don't even think I'm lao. Suck my ass."


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