Wendy Williams Honored with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

The TV host finally pulled the plug on her marriage of 21 years after her husband reportedly sired a love child with a massage therapist.

Wendy Williams' 2019 was filled with headline-making drama, none more than her filing for divorce from her husband of 21 years, Kevin Hunter.

The couple -- who share 19-year-old son Kevin Jr. -- finally called it quits, or at least Wendy did, after years of rumors of infidelity by Kevin. Not to mention reports her sired a love child with another woman.

Let's take a walk down memory lane as we detail the events that eventually led to the emancipation of Wendy -- who has claimed numerous times on her eponymous talk show since the filing, "I really like the new me. I don't know who I've become, but I like her."

Wendy and Kevin met three years before they got married, as Wendy was still hitched to Robert Morris III. After a five-month separation followed by a year-and-a-half of divorce proceedings, Wendy and Robert split in 1995. She and Kevin walked down the aisle together on November 30, 1997.

They welcomed their only child Kevin Jr. in 2000, which was around the same time Kevin first cheated on Wendy, according to her 2003 memoir "Wendy's Got The Heat."

"In those forty-five seconds my woman's intuition kicked in and I knew he was on the phone with a lover," she wrote in the book. "No woman deserves this -- I wanted to kill him. I mean really kill him. For real. I wanted to kill him more because I was in the process of breaking my Number One Rule: No Cheating."

But Wendy stayed in the marriage, saying she had no regret in a 2013 VladTV interview. "It has made our marriage -- and I know this is cliché, but it's true -- it's made our marriage stronger. No, I'm not back to the girl I was before him, because when you get stung like that, you never go back to who you were -- only a fool does. But I love him, and he loves me, and we addressed it head-on."

Around the same time they mixed their personal and professional lives as Kevin became Wendy's agent and manager.

And in 2008, when Wendy went from radio disc jockey to talk show host with "The Wendy Williams Show," Kevin signed on as executive producer.

But the allegations of Kevin's infidelity were a constant buzz during the relationship, as it was reported he had a decade long romantic fling with a massage therapist, resulting in a child in March.

After taking a six week hiatus to focus on her personal health and sobriety, Wendy returned to her talk show and shortly after was spotted on the April 11th episode without her wedding ring. Hours later, TMZ confirmed she had served Kevin divorce papers.

Wendy also allegedly fired him as producer of her show and as personal manager.

During an appearance on The View in September, Wendy opened up about the divorce, saying she couldn't look past Kevin fathering a child with another woman.

"Infidelity is one thing," she said. "A full baby is a whole 'nother topic."

"I didn't even go back and forth with, 'Oh, do I stay, maybe there's marriage counselling or something.' Nooooo. You do this? Get out!" she explained.

But she has no intention of speaking ill-will towards her partner of over two decades.

"Kevin's not a bad man, but you just can't throw away 25 years. And then just start talking recklessly about the other person. Otherwise, what does that say about you?" she added.

Wendy has already embraced her new single life by "dating a revolving door of men" as she said on her show, while having a few girls night with NeNe Leakes and Blac Chyna.

In September, she announced her talk show was renewed for two more seasons and a month later was awarded a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame.

Looks like Wendy is going to take 2020 by storm. We cant wait to see what's in store for the unsinkable star!

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