RHONJ Recap: 'Crazy Bitch' Teresa Chucks Water at Jennifer to 'F--king Prove a Point'
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"Do you like that?! Do you like that?!" Teresa shouts, tossing the empty glass behind the bar.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Teresa Giudice was still reeling over the comments Joe Giudice made to her last episode about her spending habits. She was fuming because not only is she the sole breadwinner in their family of six, but she's also paid off all of their debts and forked over thousands for his lawyers.

That's when we learned he made her sign a prenup one week before their wedding. Teresa admitted she only signed it because calling off the wedding wasn't an option. This week, Dolores Catania reminded her that prenups go both ways and to be mindful of what Joe may demand from her in the future.

Teresa also ended up siding with Danielle Staub in the whole hair-pulling fiasco that went down last week, which shocked the other women. Margaret Josephs was so hurt she actually cried, which we rarely see. She tearfully begged Tre to pick sides and ultimately gave her an ultimatum, which insulted Tre.

Joe Gorga later had a candid conversation with Teresa about her history with Danielle. He urged her to apologize to Margaret, who he called a true friend, and asked her to open her eyes before she became Staub's next victim (again).

Later at Melissa Gorga's Envy fashion show, both Dolores and Jennifer Aydin tried to talk some sense into Teresa. They urged her to talk to Marge and assure her she felt bad about what happened, but Teresa maintained she didn't do anything wrong. Not only that, but she also felt Marge was the one who started it by dumping water on Danielle first, but as you recall, Danielle was the one who instigated the conversation and got in Margaret's face.

Margaret mentioned to the ladies that she'd like Teresa to approach her and apologize at the fashion show, but Teresa told Jennifer Marge shouldn't hold her breath. In reiterating Margaret's message, Jennifer said, "She was just saying that she felt that you were an embarrassment the way that you were siding with Danielle." (For the record, Margaret definitely said she felt embarrassed, not that Teresa was an embarrassment.) But that is not how Jennifer said it, and Tre flipped.

"I'm an embarrassment?! She's an embarrassment 'cause she came to my friend's store and poured water on Danielle!" Teresa fired back, quickly adding, "How dare you tell me I need to f--king go up to her? She poured water over Danielle's head! To me, that's an embarrassment. You didn't say that to her?!"

Jennifer said she "didn't think the water was that big of a deal," which prompted Teresa to see how she liked it. She picked up a glass of water that was sitting at the bar and threw it at Jennifer's feet. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Bitch!" Jennifer screeched in shock.

"Do you like that?! Do you like that?!" Teresa repeated, chucking the empty glass behind the bar. "It's only water! How do you think Danielle feels? I'm trying to f--king prove a point. Somebody can only take so much before they explode."

Jennifer was irate but held her tongue so as not to incite more drama.

Did we mention that Dolores' son, Frankie Jr., walked in the fashion show? Shirtless? He looked "so hot" -- and Gia thought so, too!

After the show, which was amazing, a drunk Jennifer told Melissa about what her "crazy bitch" sister-in-law did. Melissa then asked Teresa about it, and Teresa said she had no regrets.

"She's a f--king embarrassment. Tell her to kiss my f--king asshole! Get your friend in check, because otherwise, it's not gonna be good," Teresa warned.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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