Tiffany Haddish Plays Who'd You Rather, Wants to Lick Between Jason Momoa's Tattoos
The Wendy Williams Show
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Wendy Williams put her guest to the test.

Tiffany Haddish is on the hunt for a few good men.

Appearing on "The Wendy Williams Show" on Thursday, the "Like a Boss" star played a round of "Like a Bedroom Boss" -- which was basically a game of "Who'd You Rather?" using only celebrities.

Before the game started, Haddish made it clear she's only into dudes after Wendy tried to get her guest to finally reveal who bit Beyonce. "You know who bit Beyonce," she shot back, "You know it wasn't me. First off, I'm not gonna have my mouth that close to another female. I love the D."

With that, it was time to take a deeper look into what kind of man Haddish is into.

First up: Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio?

"I would choose Leo but he wouldn't choose me because I'm too old," joked Wendy. After Tiffany said Brad was "sexy for his age, but he's got too many kids for me," she revealed her stipulations for sex with DiCaprio.

"I would only hook up with Leo as his character in 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape,'" she revealed. "Why? because that's a man who's gonna be passionate with you. I like Arnie. This right here, Arnie, he gonna love you like he love his mama, but better!"

Up next: Common vs. Michael B. Jordan.

"I have made multiple passes at Michael B Jordan, I don't think I'm his type," she said. "I know Common likes chocolate, so I'm gonna roll with that."

The Rock or Jason Momoa? "Jason Momoa, I want to grease his scalp," Haddish explained. She then added, "I'm gonna get with Jason Momoa, I'm gonna do his hair for him, rub his shoulders, lick between them tattoos, trace 'em," as she licked her lips.

Wendy then threw Trevor Noah and Shia LaBeouf's names into the ring, revealing she would be very much into Shia herself.

"I would love to have an intellectual conversation with Trevor, but Shia LaBeouf look like he break your back," said Haddish. "He look like he nasty too, he do nasty stuff. I know he be nasty." That didn't seem to bother Wendy, who added, "I like him, a lot."

The last two contestants: Drake and his father, Dennis.

Haddish said Drake was definitely her type, but didn't really want to mess with someone who had a young kid. "His daddy definitely hit on me before," she revealed, "He look like the black Inspector Gadget to me."

In the end, Haddish said, "Probably neither one, neither one!"

Common, Leo, the ball's in your court!

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