Harry Styles Reveals Guilty Pleasure, Relationship Status and More on Ellen's Burning Questions
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Ellen DeGeneres grills the "Sign of the Times" singer on everything from his favorite body parts on women to his celebrity crush and even what type of underwear he sports.

Harry Styles was put in the hot seat on "Ellen" and yet he seemed completely unfazed by every question Ellen DeGeneres lobbed at him.

The former One Direction band-member has really emerged as the "funny one" from the defunct group. He's showcased his charm and affability recently by hosting "Saturday Night Live," and taking over "The Late Late Show," so it's no real surprise that he was clearly having some fun with some of these questions.

With others, he went totally straightforward, as when he gave one-word answers to questions like is he dating anyone (no) and has he ever been in handcuffs (yes).

When Ellen asked him his favorite curse word, Harry had to work his way through this one. "Is bollocks a curse word," he asked. In England it's a bit on the naughty side, but certainly not here. That left him thinking until he declared, "Shit!"

Solid," he said, looking to the audience for affirmation. "Does the job." But after a beat, he realized what word had completely slipped his mind. The granddaddy of all curse words, and he triumphantly shouted it out, "F--k!!"

Yeah, that's usually the one.

He also needed clarification when she asked him boxers or briefs, in that he didn't really know what cuts those were. "Boxers are like the swimming trunks?" he asked. Of course, there are different types of swim trunks, too, but he decided to just go with briefs. So that might be the right answer.

He was much more direct when asked about his first celebrity crush, which was Jennifer Aniston, and his guilty pleasure. That answer got a huge laugh from the audience: "Working out to One Direction."

He revealed his all-time favorite music video and the song he likes to get down to in the car alone, and even gave a cheeky response to the most famous person in his phone.

His most random answer was definitely what job he'd want if he wasn't a singer, but it wasn't all fun and games as Harry appeared to get quite real with one question.

It went down when Ellen asked, "What is your biggest fear?"

Without hesitation, Harry said, "Death." Then, after a pause where Ellen tried to move on, he acknowledged, "That was dark."

She totally set him up at another point in the game by asking him to name his three favorite body parts on a woman. He gave an incredibly respectful and politically correct and, dare we say, even sweet answer. So she immediately followed it up by asking him, "What is a lie you recently told?"

The audience was howling with the inference, but Harry was ready with an even better retort. "I wanted to play this game," he shot back.

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