Andy Cohen Grills Meghan McCain's BFF S.E. Cupp About View Drama
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She's also asked whether she'd be interested in joining the ABC show.

CNN's S.E. Cupp was the one in the hot seat on Tuesday night, as she swung by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

During her visit, Cohen explained that the show got "a ton of questions" for the news host about one person in particular: her good friend Meghan McCain.

"We got a ton of questions for you about your best friend Meghan McCain," began Andy, as he then asked how she's doing amid reports of a feud between her, her "View" cohosts and Abby Huntsman -- who just announced her departure -- in particular.

"She's sad Abby's leaving, wishes her the best," Cupp replied. "Abby's leaving to join her dad's campaign in Utah for governor. Meghan, as someone who worked close with her dad, understands more than anyone this desire. So she wishes her nothing but the best."

Cohen then asked whether Cupp provides "an ear to listen to when things go rough on the show." To that, S.E. simply said, "We talk a lot."

Lastly, he wondered whether she'd be interested in taking Abby's conservative slot on the show, now that she's bidding the show adieu. "I've done 'The View' a lot," she diplomatically replied, "It's a really iconic dynamic group of women and -- as they like to say and I think they're right -- one of the most important political shows in the country today."

When Cohen reiterated his question, she said, "I understand your question Andy," and then didn't actually answer it.

Huntsman announced her exit on Monday morning, saying, "This is always such a hard thing to do. And especially this table because this is a really special table. The most iconic show on television and the smartest women I have ever worked with. But today I am saying goodbye. This is something I thought a lot about."

After her announcement, McCain tweeted her reaction. "Wishing my amazing friend and co-host @HuntsmanAbby nothing but the best on her next chapter! @TheView is less without you and your light. I wish you, your family, & your father @JonHuntsman's campaign all the absolute best. He's lucky to have you officially lead his team!"

Abby's final appearance on the show will be Friday January 17.

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