Beyonce Surprises Reese Witherspoon with Another Huge Gift and It Is Just Too Precious
Reese Witherspoon's Family Supports as She's Honored at Women in Entertainment Event

Reese and her mother spend a while trying to guess what might be inside this giant orange box, but it isn't balloons, movie posters or a motorcycle.

It didn't stop with champagne, as Reese Witherspoon is apparently on Beyonce's gift list now, receiving another surprise package from Bey and Jay and (of course) adorably sharing it with her followers via Instagram.

Reese and her mom were absolutely adorable together opening a case of Jay-Z's Ace of Spades champagne after Beyonce and Reese shared an adorable moment that went viral during the Golden Globes.

When Reese's table ran out of water, she asked Beyonce if they had any and instead were offered a bottle of champagne to quench their thirst. The next thing we saw was Reese, Jennifer Aniston and their friends enjoying fine champagne via Instagram.

A short while later, Reese and her mother took to Reese's IG Stories to welcome a whole case to ensure they'd never go thirsty again!

Maybe Beyonce saw that video as well and decided to one-up her own generosity by offering Reese something even more extravagant. And boy did she deliver ... or should we say, someone delivered, in the form of an enormous orange container wheeled onto Reese's property.

Thankfully, Reese knows what her followers want, and so we got another unpacking video with her and her mom, viral-star-in-the-making Betty. But this time, Reese knew she had gold on her hands, and transferred her own Story to Instagram proper, so we could enjoy it forever.

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Thank you, @Beyonce for the #IvyPark swag!

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We loved the unbridled joy as the two women looked at the enormous package that loomed taller than both of them and tried to guess what might be inside: balloons? movie posters? a motorcycle?! a small car? okay, probably not that last one.

It turned out to be even better than all of those things, it was an entire Ivy Park wardrobe (Beyonce's activewear line)!

But rather than just throw it open and show us a bunch of clothes and shoes hanging on a rack, the video quickly morphed into a runway show complete with Beyonce soundtrack.

Even better than all of that, every ensemble fit Reese to a glove and she looked fab-ulous!

"Does this officially make me the newest member of the #Beyhive? 🐝" Reese wondered in the caption.

Yes. The answer is yes.

And her famous friends were loving every minute of it. "I'm coming over," Brie Larson commented, while Julianne Hough added, "Oh my hell... I need you and this in my life!!!!!!! You are EVERYTHING!!!!"

Reese was killing it with those model moves, too, as Ava DuVernay pointed out, so if Bey is ever looking for a model to show off her line, she may have one in the newest member of the Hive!

And we are living for these videos, so here's hoping this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship between two of Hollywood's most delightful and talented women. Collabo?

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