Chris Martin Recalls Embarrassing Daughter Apple at Her Work
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"So, I moved to the other line. I was holding my t-shirt and really scared of my daughter," he joked.

Chris Martin may be a Grammy-winning rockstar, but he's still like any other dad: he embarrasses his teenage daughter.

While appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday, the Coldplay frontman shared a hilarious story about visiting his 15-year-old daughter, Apple, at her work.

"My daughter works in a clothing store. This is her first job and she's about to be 16 and I'm so proud of her," Martin said of Apple, who he shares with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. "She's, you know, making her way in the world."

"And I didn't tell her, but I went to surprise her -- not surprise her, but I just went to see," he continued. "And I thought, 'I better buy something.' So I took a t-shirt from the rack and I lined up in the queue. And she was at the checkout...and she saw me."

Martin said Apple then looked at him and mouthed, "Dad. Get out!" which he said made him feel "terrible."

"So, I moved to the other line," Martin continued. "I was holding my t-shirt and really scared of my daughter. And I paid for the t-shirt and I'd brought her some fudge -- she loves this candy fudge. So, I said to the lady, 'Could you give this to my daughter?'"

"And as I was leaving she shouted, 'I love you dad,'" he said as the audience gushed in response.

Also while on "The Ellen Show," Martin shared yet another funny anecdote about a pitch he had for a sequel to "A Quiet Place," which of course starred Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski.

"When 'A Quiet Place' came out, I had an idea for a joke afterwards. And so, I sent Emily Blunt and her husband [John Krasinski] this idea for the musical of 'A Quiet Place,'" he said, explaining that the idea was him fake playing the piano and lip-syncing to no sound.

"And they never replied," he added. "So, every time I see that ['A Quiet Place: Part II'] trailer, it makes me feel sick," Martin said with a laugh. "Because I thought, 'Oh no. They must've thought I was taking the mickey. And it wasn't! I loved the film."

Though Martin said he never heard back from the couple, Ellen reassured him that he'll "hear from them back now."

Watch the clip below.

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