Too Faced Founder Fires Sister After Transphobic Comment About NikkieTutorials
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"I am sorry for the hurt she has caused," Blandino said of his sister. "Let it be known that I am truly shocked and disgusted to my core at her recent actions."

Too Faced Cosmetics has parted ways with founder Jerrod Blandino's sister after she apparently made a transphobic remark.

After YouTuber Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, came out as transgender on Monday, Blandino's sister, who goes by Dani California on Instagram, seemed to slam de Jager in her bio.

"Transgender, huh? That's not the only thing she's been LYING about," Dani wrote, according to screenshots captured by multiple Twitter accounts. Although the apparent comment was later removed, it didn't go unnoticed by fans, who were angered over the remark. Some even called for a boycott of Too Faced Cosmetics as a result.

On Tuesday, Blandino released a statement on his Instagram Stories -- which was reshared by Too Faced's social media accounts -- where he condemned his sister's statement, saying he was "disgusted" over her behavior.

"I would like to make sure it is understood that although I love my sister very much, the things she says or does have absolutely nothing to do with me and do not in any way reflect me, my opinions, thoughts, or feelings nor speak for me or Too Faced in any way shape or form," he began.

"I have always stood for love, equality, and kindness in my life and everything I do," the statement continued. "I am sorry for the hurt she has caused. Let it be known that I am truly shocked and disgusted to my core at her recent actions."

Blandino then stressed that the company has severed ties with his sister, however, it is unconfirmed what her previous position was.

"I do not tolerate this behavior, and she is no longer an employee of Too Faced," he said. "I would like to say how proud I am of Nikkie Tutorials, and how inspired I am for her strength and sharing her beautiful truth with the world. I am sending all my love to her."

Blandino's sister has since changed her Instagram bio. "Lets be clear, I love trans people & dislike anyone who lies to hurt others! Period!" the bio read, as pointed out by Twitter users.

However, her bio seems to have been edited again. "👑Well God bless your sweet hearts👑❤️💋" it read as of Wednesday morning.

The complicated relationship with Too Faced and Nikkie de Jager began back in 2016. At the time, the cosmetics brand and de Jager collaborated on a collection titled "The Too Faced Power of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials Collaboration," which included a makeup palette. While the launch was said to be successful, the palette was ultimately met with criticism by many of de Jager's fans as they claimed the product was of poor quality.

Meanwhile, in 2017, fellow beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star alleged that Too Faced not only released a poor palette with de Jager's name on it, but also that she was grossly underpaid. According to Star at the time, the Too Faced-Nikkie Tutorials collaboration earned the company $9 million, yet de Jager was allegedly only paid $50,000.

Last October, Star explained his claims in detail in an episode of his docuseries with vlogger Shane Dawson, "The Secrets of the Beauty World."

While de Jager has been fairly quiet on the drama, she spoke out on Twitter in October 2019 following Star's video. The beauty vlogger didn't reveal how much she was paid for the collaboration, however, she did express her disappointment about the apparent low quality of the product and apologized to her fans.

"I had to see all these negative reviews, while the palettes I had were outstanding," she tweeted. "'they lying in their videos to get views' is what I was told. I don't care about the money.. but I had to fight YEARS to prove my authenticity and gain your trust again."

"I signed my contract with TF back then because I was naive & didn't know better," she added. "at the end of the day, I signed it, it's my own fault— but what I'll never forgive is that 'allegedly' they changed the palette's quality behind my back. 1000's of negative reviews & I was clueless."

Too Faced never commented on Star's allegations from 2017. TooFab has contacted the company seeking a statement.

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Meanwhile, many fellow YouTube stars and celebrities shared their support for de Jager after she revealed she's a transgender woman in an emotional video posted to her channel. The beauty vlogger, who has over 12 million subscribers, shared a screenshot from the clip on her Instagram, writing "I am coming out."

Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid and Whitney Cummings showed their love for Nikkie by sharing emojis, while Amber Rose wrote, "So proud and happy for you." YouTube beauty star Patrick Starrr also added, "Ilysm 😭❤️👑"

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