Olivia Palermo Says MTV Reality Series The City Was 'Fully Phony'
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The show did, however, provide her with quite the springboard for success.

We're 10 years removed from the ending of MTV's "The City," but star Olivia Palermo is still upset at her edit.

The show, a spinoff of "The Hills" (which was a spinoff of "Laguna Beach"), revolved around Whitney Port as she moved to New York to work for Diane von Furstenberg. There, she was employed alongside Palermo, who was considered the "bad girl" of the show.

Her issues with the show go back years now, but were reiterated in a new profile for the New York Times.

"Whoever sat in that editing room was very talented at creating a human that I was the polar opposite of," she told the publication. When the reporter countered that all reality shows are somewhat setup, Palermo doubled down.

"No, no, no," she continued. "It was fully phony. There was nothing real about that show at all. Other than our first and last names. Nothing. Absolutely zero."

In previous interviews, Palermo has expressed regret and outrage over how she was portrayed on the series. "I think from the beginning of my career ... being in television .. that was completely — it was just ridiculous, it was not me at all," she told the New York Post.

Even when the show was still airing, she told the LA Times it was "a little disappointing" to see her edit. "I'm a much nicer person, much more laid back and relaxed, not serious like they show me," she said at the time. "They can only use so much footage in 30 minutes so I think that they really narrow it down and sometimes it doesn’t come out exactly how I would like."

In the decade since the show ended, Palermo has become a fashion influencer, model and partner for a number of brands. She released a collection with Karl Lagerfeld in 2019 and has her own label, The Olivia Palermo Collection, dropping later this year.