Sean Stewart Claims He and Dad Rod Could Take Tom Hanks and Son Chet in a Fight (Exclusive)
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"Of course, I could take them, I know karate!" Sean joked.

Sean Stewart seems pretty confident in he and his dad Rod's fighting skills.

While out in Beverly Hills last Friday, the musician, 39, was asked how he thinks he and Rod would fare in a dust-up against another celebrity father-son duo: Tom Hanks and his son, Chet.

"That's a funny one," Sean said, laughing. "I have no idea."

After being asked again, Stewart joked, "Of course, I could take them, I know karate!" (Sean made sure to note he doesn't actually know karate.)

All jokes aside, it looks like Sean and Rod have an unbreakable father-son bond. The pair were arrested on New Year's Eve after getting into an altercation with a security guard while celebrating the holiday at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the security guard, Jessie Dixon, tried to block the Stewarts from entering the children's area of the hotel -- and things got physical. Both Sean and Rod were charged with criminal battery.

However, Sean has claimed that he and his dad are innocent. "Listen, the truth will prevail," he said. "It's being investigated and the truth will prevail at the end of the investigation."

Although Sean didn't discuss the issue any further, he did mention that it's "amazing" knowing that his dad has his back.

"My dad's my best friend and my hero," he said. "I love him more than anything in the world."

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