Tana Mongeau Says Paris Hilton Made Being Famous For Nothing A Business (Exclusive)
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"She paved the way for hoes like me."

Tana Mongeau stans Paris Hilton — although we're not sure Paris will appreciate all this adulation.

The YouTube star gushed over the iconic celebrity on Wednesday night, declaring she had 100 percent respect for the heiress.

"Everything I am is cause of Paris," she proclaimed. "She like paved the way for me. A girl like me who is literally famous for nothing -- Paris Hilton taught us how to make that a business, you know what I mean?"

"Turning nothing into a business is cool."

"Famous for nothing" might not be a tag the 38-year-old will relish. Aside from being a Hilton Hotel heiress — the 38-year-old is also a model, singer, actress, fashion designer, and reality star, not to mention her multi-billion dollar business empire, as well as being the highest-paid female DJ in the world.

Nevertheless, Tana knows what she loves Paris for.

"I grew up off 'The Simple Life' where they really made just being a personality a thing," she said. "I feel like everyone needs to respect Paris Hilton... she f--kin paved the way for hoes like me."

Tana hinted Paris — whom she frequently praises on social media — has agreed to mentor her on a "huge project."

"We were just partying and being friends for a while, and finally I asked her to work on something really big and she said yes," she revealed. "I was like 'I don't know why you're saying yes' - it's charity work to the max."

Regarding her ex Jake Paul, she said she would not rule out ever getting back together with her fellow YouTube star, but added she'd be happy just to remain friends with him for life.

She also said she completely approves of his brother Logan's new girlfriend Josie Canseco, whom she described as "hot as f--k".

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