RHOA Recap: Tanya Reveals Secret About Kenya, Dennis Faces Porsha's Family
The Biggest Housewives Blowouts of 2019

No one was more elated to hear the shocking Kenya Moore tea than Marlo Hampton.

Sunday's new episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" was all kinds of juicy.

For starters, Dennis McKinley agreed to speak with Porsha Williams' family about his indiscretions. And secondly, Tanya Sam faced off with Kenya Moore after the latter claimed the former's fiancé was being messy with another woman.

Knowing he had more making up to do with Porsha, Dennis was open to sitting down and talking to her mom, Diane, and sister, Lauren about why he cheated on her when she was pregnant. The timing made sense considering Dennis had just re-proposed to Porsha last week. The new parents were incredibly nervous, but Porsha knew it was Dennis' job to mend the relationships.

Right before Porsha's mom and sister arrived, Dennis told Porsha he had invited his mom, too. She was visibly taken aback.

Once everyone was seated, Dennis began, "Alright, so, I could've did this individually; I've had a conversation with my mom already; but we really couldn't get to this point without your help with PJ, so I really appreciate that. Secondly, me and Porsha have been through some rough times in the last two months--"

"Felt like a year," Lauren interrupted.

"--dealing with my infidelity, and I just want to apologize to everybody," Dennis went on. "We got a lot more work to do, but we family, so I think that at the end of the day, I think it's very important to make a commitment to stick by each other during the downs and root for each other on the upside, 'cause the ups are easy. I'm taking accountability for my own stuff."

"But it's tough, man, when you in a situation where Mama Diane or Lauren may be watching PJ and I can't even call PJ 'cause I'm blocked," he noted.

Porsha reminded Dennis he could still call the iPad, which he felt was "ridiculous." She then asked if he understood why those decisions were made.

"Because the elephant in the room is you. You had done something to the family," she explained. "You had done something to me. Let's forget family. You had done something to me. Period. The line was drawn naturally because, at a point in time, we didn't even think that you and I were gonna get back together. So why would my family be still reaching out to you at a point in time they really having to hold me up? Physically hold me up. Physically remind me, 'You have a daughter in the next room.'"

That's when Lauren explained her own issue with Dennis' indiscretion, given that Dennis knew Lauren was a single mom who had been cheated on during her pregnancy. Diane also reprimanded Dennis for allowing his daughter to become another statistic.

By this point, Dennis' mom, Gina, had taken the baby into the kitchen to feed her. Porsha took the opportunity to let Dennis know she felt his mom owed her more support during her time of need. When Gina walked back into the room, Dennis filled her in on what Porsha had said.

"To me, that don't feel like family," Porsha told Gina. "That felt like you were his mom and that is it, and you were taking his side." Gina explained it took her a while to get the whole story and that when she did, she didn't know how to step into the situation. However, she did say she was in Dennis' ear to fix things, which Porsha said she appreciated.

Meanwhile, at the end of last week, Kenya started dropping hints that someone's man had been unfaithful. Previously unseen footage later showed a woman identified as "the cookie lady" telling Kenya and Cynthia Bailey that Tanya's man had been all over her and trying to booze her up.

This week, while Tanya, Porsha, Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton were together getting foot massages, they decided Kenya's cryptic comments had to be about Tanya and Paul since she kept looking in Tanya's direction.

Tanya was annoyed but didn't think the claims had much merit, then told the girls she may "actually have something on her."

After Kenya left Toronto, she texted Tanya and asked if she could bring back to the States with her a package Kenya had left at the hotel. Tanya picked it up at the front desk but didn't want to cross the border with a mysterious box, so she opened it.

Inside was a phone charger and a wig (This is important because Kenya always prides herself on her natural hair. Remember when she crashed Marlo's wig-launch party with a Kenya Moore Hair Care marching band?). Naturally, no one was more excited to hear this news than Marlo. And in her confessional, Porsha claimed to know Kenya buys her wigs online under an alias.

"Oh, I'm going to TMZ!" shouted an elated Marlo, as Kandi did her best to simmer down the girls. Tanya actually brought the wig with her and asked Kandi if she'd return it to its rightful owner -- but not before Marlo tried it on. Tanya was warned that Kenya would be coming for her jugular.

After the spa day, Cynthia had a one-on-one conversation with Tanya and let her know she was there the day the cookie lady made the claims. Tanya said she appreciated the way Cynthia handled the situation but still didn't question her man.

At lunch a few days later, Kandi returned Kenya's wig and let her know what happened at the spa; Cynthia was at the lunch, too. Kenya insisted she only wore a wig for the actual Carnival and said it shouldn't matter if she chooses to wear one sometimes.

Kenya felt Tanya was purposefully trying to damage her reputation in the hair care business and was also insulted because she felt they really did bond over their fertility issues.

Growing more and more agitated about the situation, Kenya hurled at Kandi and Cynthia, "And I do have tea about your man. Beautiful girl, stunning. The bitch is badder than her! I got your number, Tanya. That's fine. I know who she is. I got something for Tanya."

We'd be remiss not to mention that Eva Marcille revealed her oldest daughter, who she shares with estranged ex-husband Kevin McCall, believes Mike Sterling, Eva's current husband, is her biological father. This episode, Eva got teary-eyed as she and Mike discussed Marley getting her last name legally changed to Sterling. Eva said she felt that was their first child together, regardless of blood. Mike agreed.

"Marley was just about two months when I left her biological father, and he is completely uninvolved in her life, by choice in certain areas and by force in others," she told the camera, telling Mike her fear was that Kevin would show up to court to contest the name change.

He didn't, and Marley is now officially a Sterling! Eva said the next step was having Mike file paperwork to legally adopt Marley. What made the situation that much more special is the fact that Mike is also adopted.

Eva's spoken in the past about her unhealthy and allegedly abusive relationship with Kevin, who she refers to only as Marley's organ donor. Last season, Eva wanted to remain unmic'd while discussing her genuine safety concerns about Kevin following her and knowing where she was living, but NeNe Leakes kept her mic on, which prompted their fallout.

But that's a whole other can of worms.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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