Siesta Key's Juliette Porter on 'Salty' Robby Hayes, Cheating with Soon-to-Be Dad Alex (Exclusive)
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Palpable from the start, the tension between the now-exes intensified when we brought up that fans seem to think she's the one who dumped him.

"Siesta Key" veteran Juliette Porter kicked off Season 3 of the reality show with a new boyfriend: "Bachelorette" alum Robby Hayes, who she met at Stagecoach in April of 2019.

But some time during the sure-to-be dramatic summer, which was captured by MTV cameras, the two broke up, and TooFab sort of got to the bottom of what went wrong when the former couple stopped by our studio last week.

It did not seem coincidental that they chose to have co-star Madisson Hausburg sit between them. Palpable from the start, the tension only seemed to intensify when we brought up that fans online seem to think Juliette was the dumper and that Robby was the "salty" dumpee.

"I am not salty," Robby stated, which Juliette met with, "Probably not salty anymore."

"Anymore," Robby repeated. "She likes to let it be known that I might've been salty."

"You were salty!" Porter maintained, as Hayes added, "Because you dealt with it wrong, but that's what [viewers] will see unfold."

"You dealt with it wrong!" she fired back. "You responded to a fan." Perhaps conceding to his ex's feeling on the matter, Robby admitted, "It was a mature relationship with an immature breakup." That seemed to be a "fair-ish" statement for Juliette, who asked to move on to the "next question."

After meeting at the southern California music festival, the former lovebirds spent two months enjoying their "honeymoon period" in Los Angeles. "It was all happiness until we kind of, weirdly enough, got back into reality," Juliette explained. "And then I guess everything kind of caught up to us, but we're here now and we're still friends."

For some, doing press interviews with your ex would be all kinds of awkward, but not for these two! As Porter stated, "I've been through way weirder. We're really good at the awkward!" And Hayes -- who literally watched other men go on dates with the woman he was after -- agreed.

Despite the contention, Juliette did not totally shut the door to a possible future with Robby, who seemed pleasantly surprised to hear the news. You know who may not be thrilled if the two were to reconcile, though? Their co-star and Juliette's ex-boyfriend, Alex Kompothecras. According to the reality star, she tried to keep an unpredictable Alex away from Robby as much as possible, but that's not how Hayes remembers it.

"I was doing both of them a favor," said Juliette, eliciting a chuckle from Robby. "I think I sat out of most events so that you could have fun," he said. "You didn't tell me not to go to events."

"Yes, I did," Porter fired back, prompting Hayes to slump back into his seat and let out a "yes, ma'am."

Speaking of Alex, he and his new girlfriend, Alyssa, are expecting their first child together! But shortly after they announced the pregnancy on Instagram, Juliette made a statement on the news in a since-deleted Instagram comment that read, "Weird how he cheated on her with me several months ago but ok."

Sighing, Porter told us, "What really happened was they conceived like the exact week that she found out that he had cheated on her with me. That's what happened. So it was before [she was pregnant]. And they had only been dating for a couple months at that point." While Madisson felt the timeline was "a little unclear," a very sure Juliette maintained two of their co-stars had done "the math."

Regardless of the potentially blurry sequence of events, Porter said she does regret publicizing the information, "but it's not like I'm making up lies."

"That really was like a huge slap in the face to me because we had broken up the same year he knocked up another girl," she explained. "Not that he meant to -- which, he didn't mean to -- but it was also like a slap in the face. So I do regret it, but [viewers] are gonna find out anyways!"

Juliette said neither Alex nor Alyssa reached out to her about the comment, adding, "I asked my friends if I should apologize, and they said there's no point, so I didn't. Like I said, it's gonna get to them one way or another. Band-Aid is ripped off now!"

See what Madisson had to say about her parents' reaction to her former producer becoming her boyfriend in the video above!

"Siesta Key" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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