Bachelorette Finalist Tyler Cameron Makes His Move for Jennifer Garner: 'I'd Swipe Right'
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The 26-year-old model jumped into her Instagram comments to @ the 47-year-old actress directly after she joked about no one swiping on her Tinder.

"Bachelorette" alum Tyler Cameron has settled on the next famous face he's ready to date by jumping into Jennifer Garner's Instagram comments after she joked no one was swiping on her Tinder.

Garner was just the latest celebrity to jump on the latest social media trend of selecting four distinct photos of yourself and assigning them to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

For her Tinder picture, Garner went with a shot of her paddling on the water in black bikini bottoms and a tight yellow t-shirt, but one follower felt she'd have better luck with her Instagram selection, a sultry black-and-white pic of her in an elegant gown on a stunning staircase.

"Shoot, is THAT why no one swipes?" Garner responded to the fan.

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A cute enough exchange, but Cameron either saw an opportunity to join in on the fun, or perhaps an opportunity. "I'm still swiping right," he wrote, making sure to "@" Garner so she'd be more likely to see his comment.

Fans were cracking up over Cameron "shooting his shot," though there were plenty that 'shipped the 26-year-old model with the 47-year-old actress. One fan suggested she was "way above" his pay grade, but another already had their couple name decided: Tylifer.

After briefly connecting with "Bachelorette" Hannah Brown following her disastrous finale with her choice on the show Jed Wyatt, Cameron launched a brief relationship with Gigi Hadid, so he has some familiarity with the high-profile lifestyle.

Garner has not responded to Tyler's public overture at the time of this writing, but who's to say he didn't also slide into her DMs to make his case directly. If you're going to shoot your shot and go bold, go all the way!

Garner has been divorced from Ben Affleck since 2018, with her attention on raising their three children, continuing her career and becoming America's Instagram sweetheart. Garner's down-to-earth charm and rampant goofiness has made hers a fan-favorite celebrity account, and this post proved no different.

What's better for her fans is that she occasionally engages them directly with her natural humor and charm, as she did to this follower ... which sparked Tyler to jump into the fray.

While it definitely seems a longshot -- we have to agree with the follower who called it "ballsy" -- we have to give credit to Tyler for taking it. You'll never know if you don't try.

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