Stephen Amell Suffers Panic Attack, Cutting Arrow Interview Short
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The actor was opening up about the emotional struggles he'd had since filming ended before suddenly feeling ill and abruptly leaving.

Stephen Amell heroically returned to the set of a severe panic attack to finish what he'd started, taking to Twitter to promote his unexpectedly two-part interview with "Smallville" star Michael Rosenbaum.

The "Arrow" star began the interview less than a month from wrapping his eight-season run on The CW's smash hit "Arrow" series, and it was apparently still a little too raw for him. On top of that, while he knew he was having serious reactions and responses to the show ending, he wasn't yet aware of just how much it was impacting him.

"'I've cried twice today," Amell said during the first part of their interview, revealing that he was struggling with closing that huge chapter of his life to the point "my wife forced me to go to the doctor's today because she was worried that something was actually wrong with me."

He shared that he'd had moments in the weeks after shooting ended where he "can't even get myself off the ground," per The Daily Mail.

While he had no regrets about ending the show, because he had other aspirations like being a father and husband, Amell was surprised to find himself "in a state of mourning." And he was even more surprised at just how real it was even as they were talking.

Later in their chat, when Rosenbam asked if he was planning to seek professional help to help him deal with this life transition, Amell suddenly said, "Is it hot in here, or am I sweating?"

While Rosenbaum tried to open a window, Amell reached his limit, saying, "Honestly, I think I might be sick. I have to go, I need fresh air." And with that, he bailed.

But it was the second half of the interview that would prove so powerful, as Amell came back a few weeks later totally ready to be candid and open about what had happened.

As he later realized, he had yet to fully "disconnect" from the "Arrow" chapter of his life, so talking about it proved triggering to him. On top of that, there was that doctor's appointment he'd gone to just before coming to Rosenbaum's podcast.

In that appointment, he was told there was nothing wrong with him physically. And remember, this was after him feeling ill for weeks and having days where he couldn't get up off the floor.

He had no idea what was going on with him, and was mentally trying to process all of it during the interview. It was just way too much!

"Realizing nothing was f--king wrong with me and that's when you have the moment of realization like, 'Oh my god, it's in my head,'" Amell told Rosenbaum.

Since then, he said he's taken the time to process, talking things through with his wife and even meditating. "You want to fix it immediately but that's not the way it works."

Now it's been even a few more weeks since the second half of the podcast was recorded, and Amell is proud to promote his candid conversation both about the show and about his mental health struggles.

"I was in a really bad spot and I’m happy to report that I’m doing much better," he tweeted to his fans, urging them to give the podcast a listen.

As for all that working out he teased, a big part of that is for Amell's next project, a limited series where he'll be wearing "ostensibly a Speedo," as he told Rosenbaum. Technically, it's wrestling trunks, but potato potah-to.

"I'm not going to have a stunt double. I can't," he explained of why he's hitting the gym so hard. "I'm going to be in a Speedo. How the f-ck am I going to have a stunt double?"

"I'm going to have to do some crazy sh-t," he added, saying that he only agreed to such rigorous demands because it's a limited series. It sounds like it may have come at just the right time for the star.

"Heels" stars Amell as a classic wrestling villain prototype -- known as heels -- in a small town wrestling league built on legacy and family. The eight-episode series is slated for release on Starz and begins filming this spring.

The final episode of "Arrow" hits next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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