Why Country Singer Chase Rice Is 'Pissed' at The Bachelor Producers
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The country star says he wants "nothing" to do with the show's drama.

When Chase Rice signed on to do an appearance on Peter Weber's season of "The Bachelor" he didn't expect to become part of the storyline.

As previews have revealed, Rice and one of the contestants, Victoria Fuller, had an intimate relationship before going on the show. Though Rice's management team didn't think the show's producers would bring that info up while filming a performance for the current season, they, of course, did and it will unfold on tonight's episode.

"I was pissed. I was really pissed off to be honest," said Rice in an interview with Fitz In the Morning. "I was just going there to try and promote 'Lonely If You Are,' and 'Eyes On You,' and I wanted nothing to do with ... If there's anything I've ever wanted, it's to have nothing to do with the drama of that show."

The two come face-to-face during one of Victoria's one-on-one dates with Peter -- and their history is something one of the other contestants may or may not have leaked to Bachelor spoiler blog Reality Steve, which reported they were a thing back in October.

"I know her, we spent a night together in Charlotte. She's a cool chick from what I know of her. I got no problem with her, I got no problem with him," Rice continued. "I knew she was going on the show. I was still surprised. I was still pretty surprised. I told my manager and my publicist and they were like 'Don't even worry about that. They're not going to do that to you, that's a weird coincidence but they’re not going to, there's no way they’re going to do that to you.'"

While he didn't think the show has ever surprised a guest like that before, they did -- and it's something he felt was both "over the top" and "unnecessary."

"I didn't expect it, but at the end of the day it happened," he added. "I don’t know if it's the producers, or if they just got lucky as hell. I know what I think, but I'll let everybody figure out what they think."

He added that he would never put himself in Peter's position as "The Bachelor," saying there's "not a shot in hell" he'd do the show. "Unless they paid me a billion dollars," he added, saying he doesn't want to put his life in the hands of a TV producer.

"I'd do it for a billion dollars," he added. "Give me a billion and I'll do it."

A rep for "The Bachelor" wasn't immediately available for comment. The show airs Mondays on ABC.