Jason Momoa, Bill Murray, Baby Nut and All the Biggest Viral Super Bowl Ads
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These are the spots that will have everyone talking come Super Bowl Sunday.

If the idea of watching the NFL's greatest teams go head to head or Jennifer Lopez and Shakira crushing the halftime show just don't do it for you, there's still one thing about the Super Bowl that could pique your interest: all the high-profile ads.

Yes, it's a little odd to get excited about a bunch of commercials, but brands shell out a ton of money on these Big Game spots, which are usually filled with celebrity cameos, make viewers laugh or hit hard on sentimentality.

As the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs prep to face off later today, some of the game day ads -- or at least teasers for them -- have already wound up online.

Here's what we've seen so far -- we'll keep updating as more are unveiled!

Rocket Mortage by Quicken Loans

This teaser was the ultimate in misdirection. We will be haunted by this commercial that shows just how relaxed and comfortable Jason Momoa gets when he comes home and kicks off his shoes, muscles ... hair? Easily one of the most surreal and uncomfortable Super Bowl ads of all time, but we're not gonna forget it!


In a brilliant confluence of celebrations, Bill Murray reprises his iconic role from "Groundhog Day" to live a few more days in his interminable hell. This time, though, he had a more chipper attitude about it thanks to the sudden inclusion of a new Jeep in his otherwise repetitive day. Stephen Tobolowsky and Bill's brother Brian Doyle-Murray returned as annoying salesman Ned and Punxatawny's mayor for the incredibly detailed revival of the holiday classic.


As famous for pulling the ad in the wake of Kobe Bryant's death, Planters was clearly inspired by "The Mandalorian" and Baby Yoda with the debut of Baby Nut after the tragic death of Mr. Peanut in the weeks leading up to the big game. And yes, he's adorable.

Hard Rock

J.Lo takes center stage in Las Vegas, but not for her next big show but in hot pursuit when someone steals her bling cup. But who did it and why? This star-studded ad featured everyone from A-Rod to DJ Khaled. But whodunnit?!

Sabra Hummus

Another ad filled with too many big stars to name, it's an incredible celebration of hummus -- so big it includes Chester Cheetah. The commercial is notable for being the first Super Bowl ad to feature drag queens, but it's even more fabulous than that. Whoo!

Proctor & Gamble

A confluence of brands and stars, Sofia Vergara called on Bounty, Charmin, Mr. Clean and a variety of other products -- even the Old Spice guy -- as well as celebrities to help clean up after a massive spill threatens to ruin her Super Bowl party. An absolute delight from start to finish.

Coca-Cola Energy

We've all been there, the dreaded dot-dot-dot. This Coca-Cola Energy drink spot had Martin Scorsese chilling at a party waiting to see if Jonah Hill would flake out on him or not. And then everybody got invested in this story as Jonah -- who'd forgotten all about it -- had to see if he could muster up the energy.


Tom Brady made a Super Bowl appearance after all, despite the New England Patriots missing out on the festivities this year. He appeared in this Hulu spot with a major announcement, and no it's not his retirement from football.


GMC has brought the Hummer into the 21st Century with the debut of the all-electric model. It's a developmment so exciting it takes LeBron James to really show off how amazing (and quiet) this behemoth is.


Anthony Anderson takes center stage in this ad about a mo who has to really put T-Mobile's "supreme coverage" 5G network claims to the test, annoying her son and everyone around her as she tests it everywhere.


Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is all about the incredible discovery of water on Mars, but is transforming it into soda really the best first reaction?


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are the latest famous faces and voices associated with the popular home assistant, and take a look at all the previous iterations of household helpers before Alexa graced us all with her presence.

Pepsi Zero Sugar

Missy Elliott and H.E.R. bring a whole new vibe to "Paint It Black" as Pepsi brings artists from across the generations to continue their long marriage of soft drinks and popular music. Plus, this jam really kicks!


We can't even go into how many famous women appear in this fun new Olay ad about women in space. What does that have to do with space? Did we mention Taraji P. Henson is in this, along with Busy Philipps and Lilly Singh. Seriously, what more do you need?


This man already stole the hearts of America with the reveal that he had paid $6 million simply to thank the man who saved his dog Scout's life. The final result is as sweet as you predicted, just 30 seconds of joy.

Genesis G80

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen may be living in the lap of luxury thanks to all their successes, but they are so over "old luxury." It's time for "young luxury," as represented by Genesis's new SUV, the GV80. But not before Chrissy got in a few hilarious digs at representatives of what they were leaving behind ... and John forced her to reference his "Sexiest Man Alive" title just one more time.

Facebook Groups

Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock are ready to rock in Facebook's first-ever Super Bowl ad emphasizing that you can find your people just by connecting with Facebook Groups. Oh, and if you didn't get it, it was all about how many different ways you can interpret the word "rock," including Chris Rock and Rocky Balboa.


Jonathan Van Ness makes it very, plainly clear that he absolutely does not like plain pretzels. Thankfully, Pop-Tarts is here to combine the salty goodness of pretzels with the sweetness of cinnamon sugar. It's just the contrast his mouth demands, and yours, too!


She's a long way from Westeros, and "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams is all grown up and starring in this Audi spot to not only promote the e-tron Sportback, but to offer up her take on the "Frozen" classic "Let It Go" as Audi offers a fully electric option.

Verizon 5G

Jenny Slate is on hand to tout the impressiveness of Verizon's 5G network in a fairly ordinary commercial, by the epic Super Bowl standards, but Slate is always adorable and funny so it's worth it for 30 seconds of her.


Americans are loud and in your face is just one stereotype that Budweiser sends up in its traditional serious ad for the Super Bowl. This one, though, turns those stereotypes on their heads by showing things like the loud Americans protesting, and other acts of kindness and decency.


If it happened in a movie or on a television show, than the folks behind this simple-yet-nostalgic Discover ad probably combed through it. Comprised almost entirely of various characters from across pop culture saying "no," this is Discover's simple way to tell us they're not charging annual fees.

Turbo Tax

The only guarantees in life are death and taxes, so rather than go totally morbid on us, Turbo Tax decided to emphasize the other thing we all have in common. They were going for solidarity, perhaps forgetting that no one really loves taxes.


This was basically a big-budget Hollywood movie disguised as a luxury car commercial. Seriously, if they wanted to go short form for "Fast & Furious 10," Porsche has done all the heavy legwork for them already with this ad.


Check out the "famous orders" of some of your favorite celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Millie Bobby Brown and Patrick Mahomes. But then things get weird, as we see what Julius Caesar, the Invisible Man, Dracula and even the Hamburglar would eat. We're not sure how accurate some of these orders are, but if true we can only hope Keith Urban has made the switch to decaf!

Kia Seltos

Raiders running back Josh Jacobs has some advice for his younger self to keep him motivated amid homelessness and struggle, moving toward his dreams. It's a powerful message simply told, a story of perseverance and strength without being heavy-handed.


Snickers took a dark look at the modern world with a strangely upbeat song about the surveillance state, sexy selfies, and more. The solution? Just feed the whole world Snickers. So they brought in a giant Snickers and ... well, we're not sure how that's going to fix anything.

Heinz Ketchup

This totally unique experience watches four similar stories unfold in each corner of your screen. In each, people are walking up to some kind of diner. But while they're all having very different experiences, and a sense of discomfort or downright fear, everything is made better by the unifying power of Heinz. Directed by Roman Coppola, it's a unique and fun way to share a simple message with unique imagery. And it's definitely better on a big screen!

Reese's Take 5

So this ad is really just about introducing everyone to the candy bar that used to come in an ungainly black package and didn't have Reese's name on it. Now, it's in orange and a part of their massive (and growing) lineup of chocolatey-peanut-buttery goodness. So just eat one already!


We've all been there, and there's nothing worse than forgetting not only your password but the answers to all of the reminder questions and pretty much any and every other way to recover it. It's not literally life and death -- as was cleverly depicted here -- but it sure can feel like it sometimes!


Sneaker brand Saucony is putting their environmental initiative where their soles are with the introduction of their initiative toward creating a biodegradable shoe so that wearers can feel better about their carbon footprint, while leaving Saucony's environmentally-friendly footprints everywhere they go.

New York Life Insurance

It was all about love in all of its various forms and languages for New York Life Insurance. From love of friends, family and even lovers, the sweet message built to the most important and courageous type of love, love as an action. The love to care for an elderly family member, shave your head in solidarity with a cancer patient. It's all about sacrificing of yourself for others.

Kick Inequality

As simple in premise as in execution, a crowd is stunned into momentarily silence after two women take off their helmets after scoring the game-winning field goal. And then the crowd realizes, this is cool, too, and the roaring commences again. Simple enough, right?


Microsoft took it a step further by trading in reality with an equality ad spotlighting the groundbreaking San Francisco 49ers assistant coach Katie Sowers. It's a step in the right direction!

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew recruited Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross to recreate the infamous "Here's Johnny!" moment from "The Shining," which ends with a shot of the green soda flowing from the Overlook's elevator doors.

Michelob Ultra

Jimmy Fallon and John Cena star in Michelob Ultra's spot, which sees the wrestler-turned-actor telling the late night host to focus on "the lighter side of things" after an intense workout.

The ad also features cameos from Questlove, Usain Bolt, Brooks Koepa and volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings.

Michelob Ultra

For this second ad, Michelob Ultra shared their very serious initiative to give back by promoting that for every six-pack of their product sold, they will transition six feet of farmland will be transitioned to organic. Just in case you needed a way to feel better about drinking more!

Hyundai Sonata

Massachusetts born John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and Chris Evans show off their (exaggerated) Boston accents in the commercial for the 2020 Hyundai Sonata, highlighting the car's new Smart Park option.

Or as they'd put it, "Smaht Pahk."

Avocados from Mexico

The Avocados from Mexico ad features Molly Ringwald hawking the vegetable on a Home Shopping Network-type channel, as well as a few must-have accessories like a tortilla chip pool float, an Avo-carrier and a music box that plays the brand's jingle.


Pringles took a meta approach to their spot with the stars of the animated series "Rick and Morty." Morty, however, is revealed to be a robot programmed to only promote Pringles, as Rick and Summer come to the realization they're actually inside a commercial for the brand.


Winona Ryder returns to the Minnesota town she was named after in the ad for Squarespace, which finds her creating a website for her birthplace.

Yes, the website is real and is filled with photos Ryder took during a week-long visit to the town. She's also selling a book of photos from her visit, with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Indian College Fund.


Lil Nas X is back in his yeehaw gear for Doritos' commercial, a spot which finds him clad in all black as he rides his horse on into "Cool Ranch." The spot will also feature Sam Elliott giving a monologue with the lyrics to the rapper's song, "Old Town Road."

It appears the company will also have an ad for their Limon chips, starring Post Malone set to his song "Wow."


It's Hammer time for Cheetos, with MC Hammer popping up to sing "Cant' Touch This" as one man refuses to do basically anything because of the orange cheese dust on his fingers.

The clip ends with the rapper grabbing a bag and shuffling off screen.

Little Caesars Pizza

After a woman calls Little Caesars Pizza delivery "the best thing since sliced bread," it's up to Rainn Wilson -- who works at the "Sliced Bread" think tank -- to come up with a new product to reclaim the title.

Let's just say, it doesn't end well for him.


"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" star Charlie Day and "Schitt's Creek's" Emily Hampshire headline Tide's spot, which is all about the very real struggle of just when you have time to step away from the game and the commercials and the half-time show. Even better, there were callbacks to the ad throughout the game with Charlie wondering if it was "later" yet.

Bud Light Seltzer

"I shot 2 commercials for @budlight seltzer & we can't decide which ones going to air on the Super Bowl!" beer aficionado Post Malone captioned the Instagram post below, asking his fans to "check em out & reply with your pick."

It looks like the rampant violence of the first ad won out over the more cerebral surreality of our favorite, but at least it lives on here!


Walmart's "Famous Visitors" commercial -- the grocery chain's first-ever Super Bowl ad -- features 12 famous interplanetary characters who come together to pick up their game day gear using the store's curbside feature.

Flash Gordon (Sam J. Jones), Buzz Lightyear from "Toy Story," R2-D2 and C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) from "Star Wars," the aliens from "Mars Attacks," Bill (Alex Winter) from "Bill and Ted" and characters from "Men in Black" are all highlighted in the spot, along with iconic vehicles like Starship Enterprise from "Star Treck," the spacecraft from "Arrival" and the police spinner made famous in "Blade Runner."