RHONJ Recap: Teresa Giudice Gets Shirtless Selfie from 'Pool Boy' Tony While Joe's in ICE
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Margaret said Tony was no friend, as Melissa squirmed in her seat. After all, she's never seen Teresa with anyone but Joe!

Wednesday's new episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" kicked off with the aftermath of Jennifer Aydin having chucked utensils and plates "toward" Melissa Gorga after a heated argument about spending habits.

After Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania stormed off with Jennifer, Jackie Goldschneider explained to Margaret Josephs why she can't stand when people make light of her eating habits. She cried recalling the day she stepped on the scale and realized she needed help, so she put herself into treatment. It happened after an all-inclusive vacation with her husband, during which she ate only cans of tuna she brought from home.

Regarding Jennifer, Jackie later said, "It's too f--king bad her husband can't make her pretty on the inside!" He's a plastic surgeon.

Once back at the house, Jennifer made up her mind that she wanted to leave. Dolores and Teresa said they'd go with her because they came with her. That's when the other three arrived and part two of the lunchtime war began.

Jennifer began inciting Teresa because Melissa called her "ignorant" at lunch, but Melissa's defense was that she meant "embarrassing." Teresa didn't seem to hear it, but Jennifer made sure to point it out to her while she was angrily packing her bags to go home.

So Teresa marched back out to the living room and asked Melissa if she had called her embarrassing. Melissa told Jennifer to "shut the f--k up" and not get involved in family drama, and a screaming match ensued.

After Jennifer called Melissa "boring" and stormed off, a very calm Teresa looked at her sister-in-law and said, "I don't like that you said I'm ignorant, so you better say sorry to me." Melissa obliged. "Thank you, love you," Teresa replied, jokingly adding, "bitch!"

But Melissa was more concerned that Teresa had agreed to leave with Jennifer and Dolores. It took some convincing, but Teresa agreed to stay because "I don't want it to be like I'm choosing friends over family."

So while Jennifer and Dolores left, the remaining women got dressed and ready for dinner. Once at the table, Jackie said, "Teresa, I know you're not single, but the bartender's very cute."

"I mean, bartender, though?" Tre asked, turning around. "I'm just trying to see if he's cute. I wanna see your type. Well, your husband's a good looking guy."

Remembering the comments Tre said Joe had made to her about being damaged goods, Jackie replied, "If you're ever single and you want him to introduce you to somebody, he's got some people."

That's when Marge said, "What about the hot pool guy?" Yes, she meant Tony Delorenzo, the same Tony we met earlier in the season who came over to give Tre a very hefty discount on a custom pool, the same Tony she was seen hanging out with over the holidays! She's known him forever, but as Dolores explained, they dated briefly before Teresa married Joe Giudice.

"I dated him in high school!" Teresa told the girls, prompting Margaret to ask if he had ever seen inside of Teresa's pool. She laughed and said they never had sex. Of course, the women wanted to know more. "Is he still good looking?!" Teresa said yes, then pulled up a shirtless selfie!!!

The ladies were dying. WE were dying! "Did he send you that?!" Reluctant to answer, Teresa said, "Yeah, but he's my friend!" Margaret said Tony was no friend, as Melissa squirmed in her seat. After all, she's never seen Teresa with anyone but Joe!

"Do you feel like you have to stay with [Joe] even if you don't want to?" Jackie asked Teresa, who said she didn't know and mentioned she wanted to wait and see how she felt after she saw him. "And the kids adore him," she added. "I don't know what my future holds. I wish I did."

Later, Melissa filled in Joe Gorga on everything that went down during their getaway and said, "I'm gonna be honest with you, this Hamptons trip confirmed to me that she's leaning towards divorce... She's done."

Joe then invited Teresa out for drinks, and the two got to catch up. He immediately asked about her husband. "Sometimes he starts fighting with me, and sometimes he says nasty things," she explained, telling her brother about Joe's "baggage" comment.

"You know that's not true, right?" he insisted. "You're beautiful, you're funny, you're a great mother. He's in there, sitting behind those bars, so he's trying to mentally mess with your head."

"Which he is," she lamented. Gorga said if he were Giudice, he'd be kissing Teresa's ass.

She then said she had finally gotten clearance from ICE to go see Joe. He was staying in a facility that was three-and-a-half hours away. "There's no way I'm gonna fight with him in front of our daughters. I'm not doing that," she told her brother, "but only three of us are allowed to go." She said she chose Gia and Milania because Milania "struggles the most with him being away."

Teresa arranged for a driver to take her and the two girls to go see Joe, but after an hour-and-a-half of driving, she realized she had forgotten her wallet, ID, and Milania's birth certificate. She was a hysterical.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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