Jason Blum Talks The Hunt Controversy, Halloween Kills, And His Own Vacation Horror Story (Exclusive)
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The three-time Oscar-nominated producer also spilled some tea about upcoming Blumhouse films, including "The Craft."

Producer Jason Blum has some thoughts on his previously canceled film, "The Hunt," getting a new release date and what he'd change if he had to do it all over again.

The satirical thriller -- which follows a group of politically correct elitists that hunt conservative Americans, often called "deplorables," for sport -- saw its October release date canceled last year following uproar over the film's content and proximity to a series of mass shooting in America. Earlier this week, Blumhouse released a new trailer for the film and announced a new release date for March. And it looked like Universal Pictures has used the controversy as a tool for its fresh marketing campaign.

"I think the controversy definitely added to the edge," Blum told TooFab, however, he admitted, "if I had to do it again, I would lose the edge and drop the controversy."

While speaking with us at the premiere of Blumhouse's latest, "Fantasy Island," the producer also shared his ultimate vacation horror story.

"My biggest vacation horror story was... I went to Mexico. I was 25 years old with my girlfriend then at the time," Blum began. "We [booked] over the phone, there was no email. We had organized this house rental. We got to Playa del Carmen. They had no record of us at all anywhere and there was no house, there was nothing and it was Christmas, so it was extraordinarily crowded and that was my biggest nightmare."

"Like many things that happen that way, it turned into something great," he continued. "We actually looked all around the town. We found this empty house that was amazing. There was a last-minute cancellation or something. We got it for nothing because they weren't going to rent it to anybody else [so it] turned out even better. But for three hours, that was my biggest travel nightmare."

Blumhouse Productions, which is best known for producing low budget horror films, has multiple movies coming out in 2020, including "The Invisible Man" later this month, "The Hunt" in March and "Halloween Kills," which will be released, of course, in October. The production company, co-founded by Blum, also is behind the upcoming remake of the 1996 classic horror film, "The Craft."

When questioned about "Halloween Kills," Blum remained pretty tightlipped. "'Halloween Kills' is a very big movie," he said. "I can tell you that. The canvas of 'Halloween Kills' is very large."

As for "The Craft," Blum revealed the Zoe Lister-Jones-directed film has finished filming, however, he hasn't yet seen it. "So I can't report on anything with, from 'The Craft' except that it's done shooting. And I'm supposed to see it in about two or three weeks," Blum said, adding that the best part about producing movies is the first time you get to see them.

Check out more from Blum, including his wild movie theater snack combo and biggest fear, in the clip above!

"Fantasy Island" hits theaters Friday.

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