Lark Voorhies 'Hurt' by Saved By the Bell Reboot Snub, Talks Mental Health on Dr. Oz
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Saved By the Bell: Where Are They Now?

In a rare interview, Voorhies believes her "puzzling disorder" may have factored into reboot casting decision.

There will be a few familiar faces MIA from the Bayside High reunion when Peacock launches its "Saved by the Bell" reboot series. While Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley will all appear in the show, Dustin Diamond, Lark Voorhies and Tiffani Thiessen -- as of now, at least -- will not.

In a rare public appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show" airing later this week, Voorhies revealed that she was not asked to participate and shared her reaction to the snub. During the interview, she also shares information about her mental health challenges, describing how she hears voices in her head and experiences disorganized thinking.

In 2012, Lark's mother told PEOPLE her daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but actress herself denied reports at the time. Appearing on Dr. Oz, her psychiatrist Dr. Modir explained that was actually a misdiagnosis that led to Lark "not getting the proper treatment for a long time."

"I feel like it's been a process for us, for Lark to even understand what was happening with her because sometimes when you have this condition, the part of your brain that recognizes you have a condition doesn't work either," Modir added. "So you don't necessarily recognize that the voices aren't real or that some of the thoughts you're having are part of the condition, and that makes it a challenge because then there isn't anything to treat if there's nothing wrong."

Voorhies, meanwhile, said she believes her disorder may be partly to blame for her lack of invite to the reboot.

Reading from a journal or diary on the talk show, Voorhies explains her initial reaction to not being asked back for the reboot of "Saved By the Bell," on which she starred from 1989-1993.

"I have to admit I did feel a bit slighted and hurt when I was not invited to be part of the Saved by the Bell reunion as well as other cast members' events, yet of course, I also realized that having this puzzling disorder may have played a major part in that factual decision," she reads in the preview clip above.

"With that in mind," she added, "I am truly thankful for having had the chance to work on a show that has been so successful."

In another clip, Dr. Oz asked how she felt looking at a recent photo of Gosselaar, Berkley, Lopez, Thiessen and their significant others all reuniting for a group dinner.

"So Lark, as you look at that photo, and I know you know about these reunions, how does it make you feel when you see them socializing?" he wondered.

"Empowered," she responded. "They have the right to do that and they're happy in their element and they can have it, certainly."

When asked if she'd like to be included as well, she said she would. "Family isn't kept complete without its lead," she added.

In one final clip, Voorhies and her mother Tricia are asked about Lark hearing "competing voices" in her head.

"Right now I feel really good, but I've struggled a lot," her mother explained. "I've had many nights of crying and I was totally puzzled and perplexed. But I got to say, Dr. Modir has come the farthest with helping my daughter come to terms with her challenge and thank you for finding Dr. Modir for me."

Lark shared her own thanks to Dr. Modir -- who will also appear on the show -- in a post on Instagram this week.

"I want thank everybody who has been so supportive throughout my journey these last several years," she captioned a photo from the show taping. "It was very hard to find the right way to talk about some of the challenges that I go through on a daily basis."

"Please tune in this Wednesday to the Dr Oz show to learn about living with a mental disorder that many people do not understand," she continued. "I am very grateful to Dr. Oz, Dr. Modir, my mother and all of you that have supported me and wished me well through some difficult times. I hope to bring more mental health awareness to help others going through the same challenges. Thank you for sharing your stories to me over the years of how strong you all have been too! I look forward to a brighter future and seeing the great things that can be accomplished!"

She added the hashtags: #strength #love #life #fightthestigmaofmentalillness #larkvoorhies

Voorhies' full interview with Dr. Oz airs Wednesday. Check local listings.