Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin 'Redo' New Year's Eve After 2020 Began with Split Rumors
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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, right?

Considering their 2020 began with rumors of an impending divorce, it's no surprise Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin wanted a do over.

On Wednesday, the country singer shared a photo with her husband (above), showing the two relaxing by the fireplace with a glass of wine. "2 days away to connect, laugh, unplug and redo our New Years," she captioned the picture, saying they even re-watched the annual ball drop.

"There's nothing wrong with a redo and there's no better time to rebuild than now," she added, with the captions #rebuildingtogether and #happynewyear.

The post comes after Caussin was MIA in the first couple episodes of their Whine Down podcast tapings this year, which coincided with Jana deleting some of his photos from her Instagram page.

In his first episode back earlier this month, the two revealed they had recently weathered another storm that was "the longest we've been at odds" during their marriage. Their relationship has already been through a cheating scandal, a "sex addiction relapse" and a topless texting scandal last year.

As for what went down this time, long story short, Mike did something where "a boundary" in their marriage had been "broken," and it was "harmful" to Kramer when she discovered what he'd been hiding from her. Though details were scant, Kramer reiterated that her husband "didn't physically cheat on me."

"The fact of the matter is, we are still two people with real life problems and we still reserve our right to privacy to a certain extent and it's our choice to come out and share this with you," said Caussin, who explained they aren't ready to reveal everything that happened after seeing some of the headlines to come out after their sexting scandal.

"We learned that we can't share open wounds, they have to be scars and it has to be something we process first together," he said, following that very raw podcast. "I did individual intensive over a long weekend and did a lot of work on myself. Jana and I are in the midst of doing a couple's intensive right now and doing work with each other. It's something we're going to dive into at a later time."

Jana also promised they would share the specifics down the line.

Caussin said this latest incident made him realize he really hadn't changed much in his life since he started recovery and he has a lot more work to do going forward.

"Even if I'm not relapsing or acting out or stepping outside of my marriage, if I'm still breaking boundaries or not being completely honest with things, how is that sober?" he asked. "How is that life changing? How is that living with integrity? It's not."

The two said that going forward they now have "very clear boundaries," where Caussin knows exactly what is "harmful" to his other half.