Logan Paul Staged Those PDA Photos with Brother's Ex Tana Mongeau, Jake Reacts
They Dated? Celebrity Couples You Didn't Know Were a Thing

Anything for content, right?

YouTube stars Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau tried to pull one over on the media by making it look like they were hooking up, a potentially awkward prospect if you consider Tana was once "married" to Logan's brother, Jake.

The two were photographed sharing some PDA this week, something Logan confirmed in a new video shared Wednesday they did to prank the paparazzi and anyone buying the pictures. They claim they didn't even tell Jake what they were doing.

The prank worked, with a number of websites picking up the story. But the press weren't the only ones being played, as Jake also got revenge on his brother for allegedly orchestrating this stunt behind his back.

Jake pretended to be legitimately angry with his brother at first, interrupting the taping of Logan's "IMPAULSIVE" show to ask him "Why'd you hook up with my wife?"

While everyone in the studio laughed, Jake walked out, as Logan's cohost said he was "actually pissed off" as he left the room.

When Logan tried to explain that it was all a joke, Jake then sent his brother an angry DM. "I saw it in your eyes today and I know the look and it's the look deep down in your eyes that the old Logan had," he wrote, "And it's like, 'I will do f--king anything for content regardless of who or what it affects."

With a camera recording everything, naturally, the two then met for a face-to-face, where Jake once again said Logan's stunt "hurts my heart." He also said his brother didn't seem to care whether his "content" harmed people.

But in a twist most people probably saw coming, Jake revealed he was pranking Logan too. "I don't give a f--k. No, I don't care," he told him. He then asked Jake if he and Tana actually "smashed." The answer: a very emphatic "No!"

Tana and Jake got engaged after just three months of dating. The two then had a wild, over-the-top wedding ceremony in Las Vegas last July, however, it was later discovered the pair were never legally married.

They announced their separation last month.