Chelsea Handler Slammed For Saying Trump Only Pardons White People

"I'm BLACK," Angela Stanton-King posted in response to Handler's tweet.

Chelsea Handler received some heat after suggesting Donald Trump only pardons white people.

The comedian took to Twitter on Tuesday to criticize the President after he pardoned 11 people, including former San Francisco 49ers team owner Eddie DeBartolo and "junk bond king" Michael Milken.

"While our president exonerates criminals and releases them from jail, notice what color they all are," the 44-year-old wrote.

The social media platform blew up with followers pointing out that not all who were provided clemency were white, including Angela Stanton-King, who served six months of home confinement for her role in a stolen vehicle ring.

"I'm BLACK," Stanton-King posted in response to Handler's tweet.

A follower chimed in, writing, "Everybody screencap Chelsea's tweet. She'll delete it soon when somebody tells her about Tynice Hall, Judith Negron, Crystal Munoz, Angela Stanton-King."

"How are you worse at this than you are at comedy?" another Twitter user posted.

Handler went on to defend her tweet by arguing that the women's crimes were not on par with those of the high-profile men who were pardoned.

"First of all, that was Jared kushner prison reform and it was inspired by his father," the talk show host wrote. "The black people who were released from prison were never criminals to begin with. They had low level drug possessions. Trump just released real criminals and they are all white."

DeBartolo was convicted of failing to report a felony in bribery case, while Milken was accused of taking part in an insider trading scheme, paying $600 million in fines and serving 22 months in jail.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich -- who was a contestant on Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" -- was released from prison early after serving 8 years of a 14-year sentence for various pay-for-play crimes, including attempting to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat.

The clap backs, however, didn't appear to faze Handler as she took to Twitter the following day with another politically-charged tweet, this time criticizing Attorney General William Barr.

"Why can't Barr resign and then write a tell all book like John Bolton, and then tell us why he believed it was necessary to aid and abet our criminal president? Then he came (sic) make some legit cash instead of the bribes he’s taking now. Everybody wins!"

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